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Mon 16 Nov 2020
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How to recruit retainers
An attempt to recruit hirelings/henchmen can be made once per day.

There are three methods available.

Buying drinks at the The Moorland Magpie Inn. This costs 5 gp.

Paying for a notice to be posted at Millie's Inventory General Store.
This costs 5 gp.

Hiring the services of a town crier.
This costs 15 gp.

The more you pay the better odds you will have of attracting hirelings.

Your advert will attract the attention of any hirelings in the local region who will then offer their services and set their price.

If you wish to attract a particular types of hirelings, i.e. non-combatant, men-at-arms or classed adventurers you may restrict your advert so only hirelings of that type respond.