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Quick Info
This thread covers the need-to-know of the setting. Some players prefer to read through all the info ahead of time while others prefer to discover it during gameplay. This thread caters to the former without boring the latter.

All of the information in this thread is accurate, but it doesn't give as much detail as the "World Info" thread.
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The Iron Wave Bay is a huge stretch of water that does not experience the turbulent storms of the True Sea that it connects to in the West but is still large enough to reach the center of it and see only water along every horizon.

Ringing the Iron Wave Bay are seven kingdoms, with an eighth to the South but still doing most of its trade with the kingdoms of the Bay.

Koran: A nation of warriors who revere the True Sea and hold control of shipping outside the mouth of the Iron Wave Bay. The nobles (Durizks) own their serfs and the kingdom has several tribes living within its borders but not under its control.

Tulosia: A prosperous nation full of technological marvels which they jealously guard to keep an edge against their neighbors. Their society is controlled by a series of guilds which the young king takes counsel from for every decision.

Perania: A large kingdom whose king was recently slain by a steppe barbarian from the East who assumed the throne. The way of life has not changed much, but the presence of the new king threatens to put Perania through a huge upheaval.

Vayar: Squished between the Iron Wave Bay to the North and Bereva to the South, Vayar is a kingdom of freed slaves that used to row the oars on Koranite galleys. They carved a chunk out of several kingdoms to become a prosperous trading nation focused on civil liberties and every man being free.

Mesoulia: Mesoulia is a melting pot nation, with close neighbors in Vayar, Berava, and Caravasa and a huge trading industry across the Iron Wave Bay. A little bit of every nation lies in Mesoulia, which they strain through a perception of self-reliance and hard work.

Bereva: The only kingdom that trades in the Iron Wave Bay without a physical connection, Bereva has several huge rivers running through it which feed into the bay to the North. Bereva is a land of plenty with an oligarchy that keeps it all at the top.

Caravasa: A once-powerful kingdom whose decline began when a coalition of other powers crushed their naval force. A kingdom on the Iron Wave Bay without naval power is left to be a poor nation in a wealthy place.

Tavasia: An expansionist empire stretched thin, the Westernmost tip just barely touching the Iron Wave Bay. Their presence is new and sure to shake up the power balance around the bay, especially as they continue to expand.

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Magic exists in the world of the Iron Wave Bay, but it's rare and difficult. A common person may never encounter magic.

Minor magical effects are relatively simple to learn but more powerful magic is complicated. Practitioners have no guarantee that they will be able to draw and master the magical energies to perform their spells without throwing some real effort into it.

Several forms of spellcasting have developed that allow the user to harness magic more easily or effectively. These use gestures, incantations, foci, and long, drawn out spells to perform even mediocre miracles.

The most well-known forms of spellcasting are:

The druids and shamans of Koran first began tapping into the natural world, evoking magic by filtering it through stone and bark. Their spells involve foci made of natural components and occasionally rituals that require blood and bone to perform.

Caravasa birthed the discipline of witchery, a way of drawing power from inside oneself to funnel and direct the greater magical effects. Their spells often require intricate dances or gestures and sometimes the letting of one's own blood.

A highly refined type of spellcasting brought to the Iron Wave Bay by Tavasia, thaumaturgy is the art of directly controlling magical power without channeling it through anything first. It requires precise gestures and formulaic chants to control the power, otherwise it will rip through the spellcaster leaving a burning husk behind.

There are also numerous other forms of spellcasting with smaller followings. Many of these are growing disciplines, but none have as many practitioners as the three types listed above.