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World Info
This thread contains more in-depth information about the setting. This information gives a better picture of the world, but is not necessary to know everything here to play. Much of this info will likely come up during play.
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Koran lies North of the bay, with a long coastline on the True Sea that curves down into the mouth of the Iron Wave. The land is covered in coarse brush, thick forests, and ragged, rocky land. Fields and farms are tucked into odd places - wherever arable soil can be found - and villages spring up around them with forts and small castles being constructed to protect the larger ones. Due to the scattered nature of the koranites they encircle but do not control tracts of land where several barbarian tribes reside.

The Kai - king - of Koran is a slimy man named Turrolf who became heir to the throne by buying his place into the old Kai's family. Kai Turrolf has kept this tradition alive by openly taking bribes from his Durizks - nobles - in order to choose his heir. As Turrolf gets older the competition becomes more cutthroat. The serfs are disposable in the squabbles between Durizks and their lives are thrown away in skirmishes and infighting whenever an excuse arises.

But most of the pride of Koran is in sailing. The majority of large cities lie along the coast of the True Sea and they are the only ones with the heavy lumber and necessary skills to craft long ships that will stand up to the rough, stormy sea. Because of this they rule sea trade and bully the other kingdoms into staying close to the bay.

The koranites revere a sea and storm god called Raka who is said to be the reason for the storms on the True Sea - his anger from the loss of his son many years ago turning a placid sea to a storm-tossed nightmare. Many of the koranite villages have also adopted minor saints and mythic heroes into their pantheon.
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Tulosia is on the North of the bay, stuck between Koran to the West and Perania to the East. Tulosia is a rich and verdant land full of arable soil husbanded by the best that the Farmers' Guild can offer. The towns and villages are large and growing as the population has been on the upswing for a generation or more and the keeps that protect them are marvels of modern engineering.

King Tulo XIV is young, inexperience, and untrained. But he has a council of guilds to rely upon for decisions and in times of crisis. His nobles and the freemen - guildmembers - hold equal standings, stepping only upon the peasants which work the land and pay tax to the king and dues to the guilds.

The reason for Tulosia's wealth - and their respect for the guilds - is that the many guilds hold secret knowledge. Everything from rotating different crops to enrich soil to the secrets of steelmaking are closely guarded and taught only to loyal guildmembers. And these secrets make Tulosia rich and peaceful as their neighbors are wary of what the Tulosian armies could bring to bear.

Tulosians worship Tulo the Hawk - their king's namesake - called occasionally the Swift Hunter. The church functions like one of the guilds and their role is more political than faith-based. But belief exists and urges Tulo's followers to work hard, support their community, and honor their lords.

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Perania lies on the Northeast corner of the Iron Wave Bay with Tulosia to the West and Tavasia's incursion to the South. Perania is a kingdom of farmers. The entire land is cut into neat fields by stone walls and hedgerows with tiny villages dotted every dozen miles. Keeps and forts are located in the larger towns and form hubs of trade from which news travels out to the smaller villages.

The throne of Perania recently changed hands. The beloved king Fuller the Just was cut down by Arva, a steppe barbarian from the far East who traveled to the Iron Wave Bay to seek his fortunes. He found them, and a throne to sit upon, in Perania. The coup went over in a bloody series of duels, Arva proving the better warrior in each one. As the nobility of Perania slowly bled out, one by one, the remainder decided to recognize their conqueror and his right to rule. This all happened late last year, just as Tavasia made a push to claim part of Southern Perania to form a connection to the bay. With the king dead and a barbarian ruling, Tavasia had no troubles securing their foothold.

At best, Perania is peaceful. At worst, sedentary. They cherish a simple, quiet life and abhor violence and change. At times the nobility will call the people to arms over some border war or civil conflict, but the people remain staunchly opposed to any conflict.

Peranians follow the twin gods Jula and Hemer. Jula is the goddess of peace and life, Hemer the god of change and chaos. Jula is worshipped in hopes that she will bless the lives of Peranians. Hemer is worshipped in hopes he will stay far away from them.
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The edge of Tavasia that has pushed through Perania's Southern reaches and Caravasa's Northern edge just barely touches on the bay. The empire is huge, sprawling in many directions. But only a tiny portion of it can be brought to bear in the Iron Wave Bay, with nearly limitless reserves if given enough time. The landscape is newly conquered, much like the nations it was taken from, but the Tavash are busy building stone keeps at every fortified place and stone roads connecting them.

Tavasia is ruled by Emperor Barakh Vasha, a warrior in his prime who sees his throne as an opportunity to rule the entire world. His plan seems less far-fetched with every victory. Every new region of the empire is appointed a governor from among the generals who took the land. The governor of the close edge of Tavasia is a woman named Sasha Kai. Her rank is earned in blood and diplomacy equally. Her soldiers called her the Silver Tongue when she talked her way to victory and the Iron Lance when she slew her rivals.

Tavasia is still a new force in the Iron Wave Bay. They are constantly building ships to form some kind of aquatic presence and scrambling to fortify the areas they have taken. No other kingdom in the bay has made a move to liberate the conquered lands but Tavasia seems sure that they will before long.

The Tavash worship the Tavash Zodiac, a pantheon of animal-headed gods that are said to influence the sun and the paths of the stars.
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Barely touching the Southeast corner of the Iron Wave Bay, Caravasa has been nearly cut off from the bay by Tavasia. To the South lies the broad plains of Bereva and to the West is Mesoulia. Caravasa is covered in ancient technological marvels gone to decay. Huge farmlands once fed by aqueduct are now portioned out into small plots overseen by the crumbling structure. Huge cities have turned into wilderness as the population moves back to rural living.

Caravasa is ruled by a republic of nobles and elected officials. The senate is comprised of one half noble birth and one half chosen by the public. But only free men and women are allowed to vote, so most of the peasant farmers of Caravasa have no say in who governs them. Instead, the nobility and tradesmen choose who is elected into the senate. Corruption and cronyism runs rampant.

Caravasa was once the greatest naval power in the Iron Wave Bay. But a coalition formed by Koran, Mesoulia, and Tulosia about a decade ago broke their fleet in a huge battle and chased the survivors back to Caravasa. Since then, the bay has been free of Caravasan ships except for small fishing vessels.

Caravasans used to revere Vasa, goddess of the sea. Since their shift to land they began worshipping Solidi, god of earth and tilled ground.
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Situated on the Southern shore of the bay, Mesoulia is a land full of rivers. It is bordered to the East by Caravasa, the West by Vayar, and to the South by Bereva. Mesoulia is a melting pot of cultures and building styles, everything mashed together into small towns surrounding eclectic keeps and castles built overlooking the river trade.

Mesoulia is ruled by King Edric the Red, supported by nobles of many different lines in the King's Court of advisors. The common folk support their nobles or move to the lands of their favorites if possible. So the feudal system has been mixed with a strange form of democracy. The people don't truly have a say in who rules, but they can choose which ruler to follow.

Mesoulia is a melting pot of cultures. There are very few native Mesoulans - most of the folk are first or second generation immigrants from other nations. Mesoulia was, until recently, a tiny kingdom that bordered on the bay. But with the rush of immigration it grew in size and ate up a portion of Bereva.

Mesoulans worship the gods of their homelands or occasionally the gods of their neighbors. Mesoulia does not have its own god.

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