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Fri 13 Nov 2020
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Game Info
Work in progress.  More to come.

The Game

The game begins very shortly after the events of Revenge of the Sith.  For my own sanity the extent of Star Wars canon exists solely within the movies.  I know some folks really like strict adherence to canon but in the context of this game it would simply tie my hands behind my back.

In this game players will take on the role of some of the first members of the rebellion.  Missions are likely to include a wide variety of objectives and not be entirely combat-focused.  Sometimes you'll be tasked with kicking in the door but often objectives will be oriented around acquiring resources--both people and hardware--particularly early on.

The GM

My GM style is fairly loose.  I tend to present situations and expect the players to run with it.  I'll point you in a direction or two if it seems like things have stalled but I find that allowing players to drive things creates more enjoyable games.  I am not a big stickler for the rules.  I'd rather players have fun than adhere to a rule that we all had to look up anyway.  Of course this all goes with the caveat that that doesn't mean I'm just tossing the rulebook.  I'm not.  In some circumstances I'll allow third-party/fan-made materials.

I will do my best to post everyday.  I have a lot of obligations and am going through quite a big life change at the moment so I can't promise daily updates.  I will, however, post five days a week unless I give you a warning that, for whatever reason, I can't meet that goal.

I'll offer a few difficulty

The GM's Expectations

Be respectful of players and the GM, too.  I know that goes without saying but I'm saying it anyway.

While I'll be posting at least five days a week I would like players to post a minimum of four times a week.  I understand life comes first so if you can't hit four posts a week please let me know.  Same with extended absences; just drop me a note.

Please pick a text color for speech.  You're free to pick any color you want aside from orange.

Use orange for in-post OOC text color.