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Fri 13 Nov 2020
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Game Mechanics

The short answer is that, from the player's perspective, there will effectively be no visible game mechanics. That means that if you want to persuade someone, you are not rolling a "Persuade" check - you actually have to try to make a persuasive case!

I will be doing some occasional rolls in the background - particularly when it comes to combat. But a player's stats will be driven not by numbers but rather a player's traits, actions, and experience - a player who is an elderly scholar, for example, will naturally be good at remembering things or knowing trivia but very poor at combat, and vice versa for a young soldier.

Don't be afraid to prod me as the GM if you think something is missing, though. For example, if you enter an empty room, I may be doing passive perception checks for each player, but everyone is also free to ask, OOC, "do I see anything?" or something like that.


Although there absolutely will be a metanarrative going on in the background (actually quite a few of them), this is meant to be an open-world, sandbox game where you can do what you want.  That means that, while you will begin with all the players in one location and may choose to explore and play as a team, you are also more than welcome to branch off on your own. I always disliked games that railroad the players into working as a team when, for character or plot reasons, they never actually would, so it will be totally up to the players!

Posting Guidelines

I do not like to micromanage a player's posts, so feel free to post in whatever color or style you like. I would ask, however, that (a) you write in a narrative, past-tense, third-person style (e.g. "Bob walked down the street" as opposed to "I walk down the street"); (b) that you only post what your character is doing or thinking, not what any other character is doing or thinking; and (c) that you try to post roughly one or two times a day depending on the length of post, etc. I certainly understand when people get busy but if someone is unable to post for a few days I will likely take over that character either temporarily or permanently (or, if the character isn't with any other characters, just "write them off" completely).