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Character Sketches
Maybe I've gotten accustomed to working in RPOL format. I figured we needed a spot to brainstorm or discuss builds as we jump from character to character, game to game.
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Character Sketches

  • three characters revised as one: Nightstalker + Cambrian + Jadeheart
  • Nightstalker aka Gareth Winter was a short-lived pulp vaguely supernatural hero. I think he used magical tattoos but that seems so old and overdone
  • Cambrian was originally created on CoH as opposite of Hyperion (Inv/Fire Melee vs Hype's Fiery Aura/Super-Strength). Welsh bodybuilder is imbued with power as he carries the red dragon of Wales in his heart
  • Jadeheart, an American martial artist goes to a Shaolin temple and a dragon spirit takes refuge in his heart, which turns to living jade
  • Cambrian and Jadeheart repeated the dragon in the heart motif - only need one
  • Nightstalker needs a new power set since magical tattoos are a little old?
  • Tank with magical dragon spirit also fits Adam (Aesimar paladin with holy dragon script on his skin)

  • Regular Joe transformed into a tanker by becoming the caretaker of an ancient dragon
  • The dragon (physical or spirit?) dwells inside the heart, literally creating a spirit realm where it can dwell in peace
  • Physical transformation of the heart? Jadeheart, for instance

How To
  • Dragon - real or spirit? If it takes place in Andul, the dragon could be real (which could as an aside lead to Shadowrun and Reign of Fire type stories for near-future Andul)
  • Why does he need to live inside a human heart?! Magic makes the poetic literal
  • Magical wealth, either as Enhanced Trait (Wealth) or Wealth (PM: Magical -10%). "The dragon's hoard" Hero becomes a philanthropist in his secret life... seems like a Bruce Wayne/Batman scenario
  • Blend martial prowess of Jadeheart with toughness and might of Cambrian - need a more balanced build
  • If GURPS, buy Trained by a Master and Patron, probably Magery as well

Origin Options: real dragon
  • Power Imposed on Hero - "Bad Guys" are searching for every arcane advantage. Hunters are sent to kill and harvest a dragon. It escapes but is gravely injured. It knows one spell it has feared to cast but it no longer has a choice. Casting a spell to find the right host, the dragon transforms into a man and stumbles into the hero. The dying 'man' casts his spell as he looks into the hero's eyes. Soon, the hero learns he has a spiritual passenger but not without serious benefits and responsibilities to match.
  • Power Acquired by Hero - Our Joe isn't so regular; he's a spy undercover with the "Bad Guys". He learns of their plans and sees a risky opportunity to steal the soul out from under them... which is a bit much and requires him to already be pretty competent
  • The Proposal - a dragon who must bond with a human according to its own rules, magical prohibition, etc. Consider him/her an Ancient One, seeking a champion to protect its lair. Kind of like Iron Fist, a long line of champions that have held the duty.
  • The Corps? - many dragons learn to hide their lairs in remote or even other-dimensional places. When they feel the need to sleep, they can't leave themselves vulnerable for years or decades. A select few know the secret to placing their lair inside the body of a champion - like the champions of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven (Iron Fist) or the Lantern Corps
  • The Egg - Gareth is given care of a dragon egg and it is placed in superposition with his heart. As the dragon inside grows, Gareth becomes more powerful. Why?

Origin Options: dragon spirit
  • The Rogue Terrorist - aka Steal Zephyr's origin. A fanatic religious cult is looking to create expendable super-soldiers. They grab homeless men, tattoo the true names of powerful destructive beings onto them, turning them into vessels of supernatural power. The hero is grabbed and the name of ancient dragon is tattooed on his chest. The cult summons the dragon. The hero's rage mixes with the dragon's rage and fuels and binding spell. This time, the cult screws up. Not knowing either of their subjects well enough, they fuse a being of virtue to a man of integrity. The hero and the dragon surrender to each other as allies, overcoming the cult's control.
  • Bonus Plotline: how did the Cult get the name of a virtuous dragon? Do they have a magical broker to research demons, devils, etc.? Did one such broker attempt to undermine or betray the cult by selling them a "poisoned" name, a being whose virtue would run counter to their purpose?
  • A Faerie Dragon - not a dragon like Smaug, more like the Mxyzptlk version of a dragon, just not as goofy (trying to keep this gritty, street-level) so more like it may appear as a tattoo or as strange draconic script. Creepy like Moon Knight - is he nuts or is there an actual dragon whispering magical secrets in his ear?
  • The Talisman - a spirit dragon needs a fetish or talisman to anchor it to the world. Gareth is a spy in WWII. He reaches a vault of goods stolen by Nazis including a brilliant medallion. He takes it and runs. He escapes but the talisman is cracked and a cloud of fire bursts from it, which Gareth inhales. In time, he realizes the cloud of fire was a dragon spirit and it has taken refuge inside him.
  • Is He Cuckoo?? - the dragon living inside him is in fact, a fae spirit that has been with him since birth. Gaining his powers means the merger is complete, Gareth is the dragon and vice versa. Touches back on The Proposal since, in the case of a Cuckoo, a long lineage would comprise the previous hosts of the faerie dragon. Which House? This origin also fits the original Nightstalker of the 1930s Is Gareth still around or has the dragon taken a new host? Then put the spirit realm in the heart and populate it with the souls of the previous hosts like a private VIP Valhalla. Don't do "faerie dragon" - immortal is vague because it's bigger than just fae

Immortal: Pros and Cons
  • [Con] Using them as a species-level descriptor for elves, gnomes, and other magical beings means I have a lot of immortals floating around. Is it getting excessive?
  • [Pro] As a Cuckoo, the dragon would have a long list of predecessors, similar to the Champions of Heaven (Iron Fist)
  • [Pro] Don't need to explain why a dragon would want to be in a common man's heart - Cuckoos are fae that bond with humans
  • [Pro] As an immortal, he'd have a lot of strange powers but they are expensive so he won't be powerful, per se.
  • [Pro] A strange heart and magical tattoos can fit as Eldritch Disadvantages
  • [Pro] Having a broad magical/cosmic species is similar to the Inhumans or Eternals in Marvel

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Character Sketches
Notes for Plot Armour

Daredevil [15]
Luck: Ridiculous [60]
Luck: Super [100]
Serendipity 10 [150]
+175 points on actual character stuff like skills

Any time you take an unnecessary risk (in the GMs opinion), you get a +1 to all skill rolls.

Furthermore, you may reroll any critical failure that occurs during such high-risk behavior.

Once per 10 minutes of play, you may reroll a single bad die roll twice and take the best of the three rolls! You must declare that you are using your Luck immediately after you roll the dice.

You're entitled to 10 fortuitous but plausible coincidences per game session.

Once per hour of play, you may dictate the result of any one die roll you make (or the GM makes for you) instead of rolling the dice.

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Character Sketches
Darkfist v2.0

  • Playing Simon Black on CoH as Staff/Dark Armour/Sorcery Brute
  • Staff Fighting - Simon turns a new leaf, to fight for Might so he switches to non-lethal combat. The staff is solid darkness but only does Smashing damage.
  • Darkness + Martial Arts shows Simon's new dedication to discipline and a warrior's code
  • DF's OG build in MSHRPG had a Monstrous Force Field so there's the baseline, equivalent to a 14-15 impervious toughness. First and foremost, darkfist is a brick
  • Keep away from Symbiote or Venom parallels! Simon is a sorcerer encased in infernal obsidian - it is impervious but responsive to a focused will. Simon's willpower keeps it thin and flexible so he can move. Maybe when he sleeps, it thickens up again
  • His sorcery was once darker (ritualistic, infernal patrons) but he was defeated and taken in by a super-mage. In Marvel, it was Strange. In CoH, it was Numina. Under them he trained in "super-magic" but it's likely weak given available points.

How To
    • Trained by a Master and martial art (MA192)
    • Dark Armour built as Damage Resistance (Hardened [max], Force Field) + Injury Tolerance
    • An array of Innate Attack alternate effects (claws, staff, thorns, etc)
    • Simon's magic: powers or an established system? which system? He did make a couple rings so enchantment needs to be available... enchantment is also a big effort so maybe he received the rings as a gift/regulator

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