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The Green Mist
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Sat 21 Nov 2020
at 16:09
Charactor Creation.
Please read the game background before making your character.  It will stop you making silly mistakes like wasting gold or taking skills and ability that not be used in game.

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The Green Mist
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Sat 21 Nov 2020
at 16:30
Charactor Creation.
Basic Character Creation.
Race:-Core Races / Featured Races / Uncommon Races (Under 15 points).
Class:-Any Core or Base Classes.
Starting Level:-1st
HPMaximum hit point for all levels
Stats:-25 Pointsor4d6 drop lowest.
Gold:-Average for classorRolls for class
BackgroundNo background points.
Additional rules:-Any race that starts with 10 or less point may add 1 extra ability from Alternate Racial Traits for free (This includes all core races).

Note:- In this game everything has max hp even the monsters.

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The Green Mist
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Sun 6 Dec 2020
at 20:03
Charactor Creation.
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