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Game Stats, Charactor Stats.
This Thread tell the plays the current status of Protection Status and themselves.
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Sat 21 Nov 2020
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Game Stats, Charactor Stats.
Current Globe Stats and Effects.

Day of Defense1st
Positive effectsNone
Negative effectsNone
Green Mist Effect-2 per four squares

The Lady of that Protects us. (Statue).
HP180 / 180
Protected AreaArea (5 x 5 x 5) 32

Resources Processed
Resource Type or Group:-RequirementsMakesAmount owned in gp
LeatherToolsAmour, Shelter.00 gp
MetalForge (1,000g)Amour, Weapons.00 gp
Magic materialVariesMagic Items.00 gp
StoneToolsWalls.00 gp
WoodToolsWalls, Floor, Shelter, Bow & Arrows00 gp

Character details.
Character NamesCharacter HPOther effect on CharacterFoodWaterFatigued
Player 100 / 00none----No
Player 200 / 00none----No
Player 300 / 00none----No
Player 400 / 00none----No
Player 500 / 00none----No
Player 600 / 00none----No

Fatigued Rules.

Each day each player must roll saving throw vs Fort DC 15 or became Fatigued for day.

A fatigued character can neither run nor charge and takes a 2 penalty to Strength and Dexterity. Doing anything that would normally cause fatigue causes the fatigued character to become exhausted. After 8 hours of complete rest, fatigued characters are no longer fatigued.

Following adjustments.
No shelter or blanket             -6
Basic Tent or blanket             -4
Both basic Tent and blanket       --
Special made tent and blanket      +2

If have skill tailoring you can make a Special made blanket is DC 20 make cost 50gp leather.  Special made tent is DC 20 to make and cost 150gp leather.

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