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The Green Mist
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Sat 21 Nov 2020
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House Rules:-
This cover the house rules in the game.
The Green Mist
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Sat 21 Nov 2020
at 21:20
House Rules:-
Posting rules:-

I will post once a week on Sunday evening.
I will post either a round up of the days events if group not in combat that day.
If group are in combat I will post results of that round.

Any player that does not post will be treated as if he or she overwhelmed and take no action.  If in combat they will take total defense stand.  If character is on 0 hp or less then they will lose 1 hp per week until they back or dead.  This will happen even if they stabilized.  They may also not gain any hp from any healing.

If I fail to post all player will gain 100 exp.

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The Green Mist
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Sat 21 Nov 2020
at 22:01
House Rules:-
Actions in normal day.

At beginning of each game day each player will post one main actin what they like their character to do.
Below are list of action you can take.  Not if someone in party does not do some of action listed it may result in problems for group.

If group is attacked or bad event happens then result gained from below actions is halfed.
If the group unlucky to be attack twice, have to bad action or mixture of this then none of action happen.
This because they spending time defending themselves and resting or bad event upset what trying to do.

Use magic to provide food & water.NoneUse create water and other spell that help provide food (actions is always successful whatever happens).
Look out.Perception check DC 20This will effect how battle starts, monster on first wave and if player in bad place
 It also effect bad events.  A natural 20 may help other players if no monsters or bad events
Find New Resources. Perception check DC 20Gain 1d6gp random recourse that can be process per point of success
Gather Resources. Crafting roll DC 20This allows you process resources you found. (roll x 20 = cp processed).
Crafting Items.Crafting rollProgress toward item made (roll x DC = cp ).
Looking for food and water. Survival roll DC 20A success provide 1 days rotten food & water for group.  Each 2 above gives another days food & water.
Enchanting the statue.Spell craft DC 25Status gains 2 hp
Empowering the statue Spell craft DC 25 + use one Channel EnergyChannel Energy.  Statue gain hp equal to roll
Note each use of Channel Energy requires new roll

A natural 20 result in doubling of effect of what you doing.
A natural 1 result in damage or loss equal of normal success with roll of 18.
The Green Mist
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Sun 22 Nov 2020
at 15:38
House Rules:-
Experience in this game.

You will gain experience from:-
Killing monsters. (Group exp)
Damage done to monsters.1 xp per hp(Personal exp)
Each useful heal done.1 xp per hp(Personal exp)
Each useful general action.Total roll value(Personal exp)

Group exp will be divided equally between player. Each player exp will then be divide into 3 sets of exp per players.
Set 1 exp2 / 5Will go to the player
Set 2 exp2 / 5The player will decide to give exp to her/him self, another player(s) or split it as player wishes.
Set 3 exp1 / 5Must be given to another player(s).  How it split is up to player.

Player must summit to the GM private who they given Set 2 and 3 of there exp.  Exp will not be updated until all player have posted what doing with exp.
Note exp is not 4th wall.  Character know they are learning exp and can opening discuss the subject between each other.  It is state that gives the rewards of group exp to players.
You may give your personal exp away if you wish but you must do so within a week (real  time) of gaining it.

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