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Character File - PCs and NPCs
Pull on the new flesh like borrowed gloves,
And burn your fingers once again.

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Kenji Takanori

HANDLE: Kentucky
ROLE: MedTech

BIO: Kenji Takanori mustered out of the army as a SOF combat medic- veteran of the SouthAm Wars- with a body full of shrapnel, PTSD, and a serious drug habit. Employing  a since-discredited braindance detox program, the military ostensibly got him clean before spitting him back into the civilian world. Sobriety didn’t take. Ken landed a medtech job with Trauma Team International, where he soon fell back on old habits, opportunistically pilfering drugs from both employer and client alike. One particularly hefty score, lifted from a DOA dealer-to-the-B-List-stars who’d fallen afoul of his supplier, landed his Trauma Team crew on a cartel hit list. A week later, Ken’s team dropped into a ganger ambush set up by a bogus emergency call. Most of the team was killed in the first 60 seconds. Riding high on adrenaline and stims, Ken somehow managed to shoot his way clear of the kill zone, but the subsequent joint NCPD-TTI investigation revealed his chemically-impaired state during the shootout. Trauma Team International dropped him like a bad habit, citing its substance-abuse policy, but was kind enough not to press charges (so as to avoid any bad press). Wracked with guilt, Ken quit using cold turkey. Sober now for the first time in years, Ken, using the portmanteaux handle, Kentucky (his nickname since basic training), works as a freelance medtech, selling his life-saving skills on the mean streets of Night City.

Role                          MedTech
Role Ability                  Medicine 5
Humanity                      32/60
Hit Points                    45
  Seriously Wounded           23
  Death Save                  6


Deduction 6/14
Education 2/10
Language (Japanese) 4/12
Language (Spanish) 2/10
Language (Street Slang) 4/10
Local Expert 2/10
Perception 2/10
Science (Biology) 4/12
Science (Chemistry) 2/10
Tactics 2/10

Autofire 2/10 (x2)
Evasion 6/14
Handgun 6/14
Shoulder Arms 6/14

Stealth 6/14
Athletics 2/10
Brawling 6/14
Melee Weapons 6/14

Paramedic 6/14 (x2)
Cybertech 6/14
First Aid 2/10

Persuasion 2/6

Concentration 2/10
Endurance 2/10
Resist Torture/Drugs 2/10




Conversation 2/8
Human Perception 2/8

Biomonitor 100eb 0HL
Skinwatch 100eb 0HL
Neural Link 500eb 7HL
Kerenzikov 500eb 14HL
Nasal Filters 100eb 2HL
Subdermal Grip 100eb 3HL
Enhanced antibodies 500eb 2HL
Subtotal: 1,900eb; 28HL

Medium Pistol 100eb
Heavy SMG* 100eb
Smoke Grenades x2 100eb
Light Armorjack (SP11) 100eb
Subtotal: 400eb

Smart Glasses (500eb) with Micro-optics (300eb)
Earpiece 100eb
Agent 100eb
Carryall 20eb
Flashlight 20eb
Inflatable Bed & Sleeping-Bag 20eb
MRE x2 20eb
Personal Care Pack 20eb
Subtotal: 1,100eb

Medtech Bag 100eb
Airhypo 50eb
Glow Sticks x5 50eb
Med Scanner 1000eb
Subtotal: 1,200eb

Generic Chic

*Smartgun Link 500eb

Wish List:
Assault Rifle + Smartgun Link + Infrared Nightvision Scope 2000eb
Teleoptics (for Smart Glasses) 300eb
Chemical Analyzer 1000eb

Work in Progress...

100eb over budget, at present


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Alexander Cruz

Alexander Cruz
aka ‘Lube Job’
aka ‘Cruz Control’
aka Al Crews

Bodysculpted Puerto Rican chop shop owner.  Ex-U.S. Navy Electronics Technician (Nuclear Power).

Alexander Cruz grew up in the Aldecaldo camp in Heywood.  From a young age, he was more interested in girls, guns, gadgets, and grease than bugs-in-your-teeth rides across the hellscape of ‘merica.  At sixteen he took the ASVABs and scored high enough to be offered a huge signing bonus for a six year stint in the U.S. Navy's Submarine Electronics/Computer Field.  Alex couldn’t see past the dollar signs and signed up not fully understanding that he was committing to spending most of those six years in a tin-tube, deep in the ocean.  Unwilling to pay back his recruitment bonus, he toughed it out, earned his dolphins, then promised himself he’d spend the rest of his life on land after EAOSing.

Returning to Night City, he hoped to find work as a reactor operator, but 'Nuclear' wasn't exactly a popular word in Night City.  Despite his honorable discharge from the military, few could look past his Aldecaldo heritage or the burning rubber Aldecaldo light tattoo on his right forearm.  So Alex crashed with his cousin, with whom he soon partnered with to open a garage in a forlorn Heywood Industrial warehouse.  After a slow start, business picked up when word got around that Cruz & Cousin was more than happy to indulge in illicit activities, including chopping, VIN forgery, and illegal combat mods.

INT: 7
REF: 8
DEX: 8
EMP: 6/4
Hit Points: 45
Humanity: 60/42

Langauge (Spanish): 4

Athletics: 3
Brawling: 3
Concentration: 2
Conversation: 2
Education: 3
Evasion: 7
First Aid: 3
Human Perception: 2
Language (Streetslang):  2
Local Expert (Heywood Industrial Zone): 2
Perception: 5
Persuasion: 3
Stealth: 3
40 pts.

Basic Tech*: 5
Cybertech*: 6
Electronics/Security Tech (x2)*: 7 [14]
Land Vehicle Tech*: 6
Handgun: 5
Science (Physics): 3
Weapons Tech*: 5
44 pts.

Martial Arts [Judo] (x2): 4 [8 pts.]
Drive Land Vehicle: 3

Maker 5
=Field Expertise 5
=Upgrade Expertise 5

Gear (5,000 eb)
Agent 100
Anti-Smog Breathing Mask 20
Carryall 20
Disposable Cell Phone 50
Duct Tape x2 40
Flashlight 20
Inflatable Bed & Sleeping-Bag 20
MRE x2 20
Personal Care Pack 20
Road Flare x2 20
Rope, 60-meters 10
Tech Bag 500
Stun Gun 100
Extra 8-shot Battery Pack 50
Standard Shotgun w/Extended Magazine 600
20-rds Incendiary Shotgun Ammo 200
Flashbang Grenade 100 1790

Skin Weave [SP 7]* 500 [3]
Neural Link* 500 [3]
=Chipware Socket* 500 [3]
==Skill Chip [Shoulder Arms: 3]* 500 [3]
Tool Hand - Right 100 [3]

Biomonitor 100 [0]
Light Tattoo - Right Arm** 100 [0]
Light Tattoo - Left Arm*** 100 [0]
Contraceptive Implant 10 [0]
Bodysculpting 500 [0]
Mr. Studd Sexual Implant* 100 [3] 3010

4900 total

Fashion (800 eb.)
Urban Flash Tops x5 100
Urban Flash Bottoms x3 300
Nomad Leather Jacket 100
Nomad Leather Footware x2 200
Nomad Mirrorshades 50
Leisurewear Hat 50 [Official MLB Night City Slammers Baseball Hat]

*Upgrade Expertise applied (Cyberwear HL reduced by 1d6)
**Aldecaldos Burning Rubber Logo
***U.S. Navy Submarine Warfare Insignia, USN Anchor, and Shellback Symbols
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Black Jasper (NPC)

Black Jasper
NPC Fixer

Black Jasper has been steadily gaining influence with Edgerunners in the New Westbrook area.  He's got a decent reputation as a fixer that doesn't screw the crews over who work for him, but rumor mill has it that he's come down like the fist of god on a crew that thought they were smarter than he was when it came time to pay what was due.  He's got a small converted warehouse in western New Westbrook that used to be a luxury auto dealership, but has had all of the exterior windows covered with reinforced steel plating to keep the riffraff (and cyberpsychos) out.

With a slight Midwest accent that has him pronouncing phrases like "warsh the car," Jasper obviously not an original Night City resident, though he hasn't shared with folks where exactly he's from and how he got here.

Most of his contracting is done in local bars, but Black Jasper occasionally runs meetings out of his auto shop Marked Motors, a specialty shop that upgrades last century's greatest cars in the lethal street weapons for the nearby executive enclaves, which gives him an in with corpo clients.

He's not seen in public without L.Seth, his bodyguard and Solo muscle.

Role: Fixer
Languages: English, Street
Personality: Intellectual and detached, except when it comes to cars and driving, both of which he loves to pieces.
M. Lowell
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Black Jasper (NPC)
Martin Lowell - "Whisper"

Whisper, like many of his generation, grew up on Night City's streets, staring up not at the stars but at the lights of the megacorp towers.  Both were equally out of reach.  But the stars have to interface with the dirt to make business happen, and Whisper was a regular in the clubs where the informal deals were made.  He orbited their periphery, doing odd favors and hoping for his big break.

That break came one bad night in the Third Eye.  An exec decided to settle a problem kinetically and Whisper was in the right place at the right time to stop two bullets and make it look intentional afterward.  The suit he saved didn't feel particularly indebted.  The suit's assigned bodyguard, on the other hand, was very grateful - her boss had ditched her to go slumming, but that wouldn't have saved her job if he'd bled out under the drum set of Night City's third-best Samurai cover band.  So she got Whisper patched up, took him under her wing, and taught him a few things.

One of the more critical lessons was marketing.  Whisper needed a niche if he was going to be more than another disposable hero.  That niche, he decided, would be subtlety.  Razorboys with fuck-off-big guns and enough ostentatious chrome to shit out a motorcycle get noticed, but a lot of people need their problems solved in way that won't be noticed.  There's more money and cred to be made with a rep for discretion than one for putting hair on the walls.  And some of the best marketing is a satisfied customer who tells his friends - or his boss - about the guy who took care of an issue quietly...

Role                          Solo
Role Ability                  Combat Awareness 5
Humanity                      55/80
Hit Points                    45
  Seriously Wounded           23
  Death Save                  7

----- Stats and Skills -----

INT                           6
Bureaucracy                   1/7
Business                      1/7
Conceal/Reveal Object         5/11
Criminology                   2/8
Education                     2/8
Language (English)            4/10
Language (Streetslang)        4/10
Local Expert (Night City)     4/10
Perception                    3/9
Tactics                       4/10

REF                           8
Handgun                       5/13
Shoulder Arms                 5/13

DEX                           6
Athletics                     3/9
Brawling                      5/11
Evasion                       5/11
Melee Weapon                  2/8
Stealth                       5/11

TECH                          5
First Aid                     2/7
Pick Lock                     2/7

COOL                          8
Interrogation                 3/11
Persuasion                    5/13
Personal Grooming             5/13
Streetwise                    5/13
Wardrobe & Style              5/13

WILL                          6
Concentration                 2/8

LUCK                          6/6

MOVE                          6

BODY                          7

EMP                           5/8
Conversation                  5/10
Human Perception              5/10

----- Cyberware -----

biomonitor                    HL 0                (Philips CorpoReal)

neural link                   HL 7                (Hyperdyne Systems 7700b)
Kerenzikov boosterware        HL 14               (Kerenzikov Labs Mk. XIX)

cybereyes (2)                 HL 7+7              (Zeiss Series Zero)
anti-dazzle (2)               HL 2+2              (Zeiss Polarization Plus)

cyberaudio suite              HL 7                (Sony-Sennheiser G12)
level damper                  HL 2                (Sony-Sennheiser SafeSound Q)
radio communicator            HL 2                (Hoshino YUREI)

Internal Body Cyberware
contraceptive implant         HL 0                (ZPG Technologies M1)

subdermal grip (right meat)   HL 3                (Zeiss Shutzhund)

therapy (4)                   HL -28 offset

----- Kit -----

heavy pistol                                      (Beretta Consigliere)
  w/ 5 magazines (8 rds ea.) standard ammo
light armorjack jacket and helmet
disposable cell phone
personal CarePak
inflatable bed and sleep-bag
anti-smog breathing mask
lock picking set
MRE x2

----- Fashion -----

generic chic bottoms x2
generic chic tops x3
generic chic footwear
generic chic jacket
nomad bottoms
nomad tops x2 (classic concert t-shirts)
nomad footwear
nomad jacket
urban flash mirrorshades
leisurewear hat

----- Cash -----

             140eb         starting
+ 375eb      515eb         Gig 1 advance payment

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K. Takanori
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Samantha Fletcher

Samantha ‘Cipher’ Fletcher suicide crashed a promising career in NCPD Homicide when the brass asked her to help frame up one of the usual suspects for a murder that she knew had been committed by a corporate exec. It wasn’t the first time she was asked to cover for a corpo VIP, but Sam made sure it was the last. Having turned down several job offers from corporate security headhunters, Sam currently pays the bills as a private investigator (Cipher Investigations). It’s dangerous working cases without PD backup on call, especially since more than a few of her collars are back on the streets, but she’s pretty good at handling herself in a scrap. Besides a relatively intact network of CI’s and low-level criminals who’d currently be doing time if she hadn’t pulled a few strings for them, Sam still has a few friends in  the police department, and a couple of prominent clients owe her favors.


Deduction 6/14
Education 2/10
Language (Street Slang) 4/10
Local Expert 2/10
Perception 6/14
Conceal/Reveal Objects 6/14
Tracking 6/14
Criminology 6/14
Bureaucracy 2/10

Evasion 6/14
Handgun 6/14
Drive Land Vehicle 2/10

Stealth 2/10
Athletics 2/10
Brawling 2/10
Martial Arts (Judo) 6/14 (x2)

First Aid 2/10

Acting 2/10
Persuasion 2/10
Interrogation 6/14
Streetwise 2/10

Concentration 2/8




Conversation 2/10
Human Perception 6/14

^4 SP left!

Biomonitor 100eb 0HL
Skinwatch 100eb 0HL
Light Tattoo 100eb 0HL
Shift Tacts 100EB 0HL
Techhair 100eb 0HL
Neural Link 500eb 7HL
Chipware Socket 500eb 7HL
Sandevistan 500eb 7HL
Cyberaudio Suite 500eb 7HL
Amplified Hearing 100eb 3HL
Audio Recorder 100eb 2HL
Homing Tracer 100eb 2HL
Radio Communicator 100eb 2HL
Voice Stress Analyzer 100eb 3HL

Subtotal: 3,000eb; 40HL

Medium Pistol* 100eb
Light Armorjack (SP11) 100eb
Subtotal: 200eb

Agent 100eb
Carryall 20eb
Flashlight 20eb
Inflatable Bed & Sleeping-Bag 20eb
MRE x2 20eb
Personal Care Pack 20eb
Subtotal: 1,100eb

Generic Chic

*Smartgun Link 500eb


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