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Data Source
 GM, 4 posts
Sun 22 Nov 2020
at 17:40
Campaign Information
Character generation guidelines:

Weíre looking at characters that have been at this for a bit, but arenít heavy hitters as of yet.

Attribute: 66 points, min/max of 2/8 apply
Skills:  letís go with 95 points, you can go to level 7
Role Ability: Level 5
Equipment: 5,000eb (you may purchase successful therapy at 500eb/pop)
One month prepaid lifestyle at Studio Apt and Generic Prepak

Letís see where that takes us.  We can discuss mods as necessary

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Data Source
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Sat 26 Dec 2020
at 16:32
Campaign Information
Campaign posting thoughts:

With any luck we can get 1-2 posts per week once we get our feet underneath us.

I'm very much a "yes, and" style of storyteller.  Improv is the heart of the beast.  If I don't have details in place in post, please feel free to add what you need to to make it cool.  Want to add a character, fine. Need to add a name to an NPC that doesn't have one (see the Solo in Rae's intro), please do.  Need a piece of gear that your character would conceivable carry?  You've probably got it unless you're on a McGuffin quest and it's critical to the story.

This doesn't mean I'm making it up as I go.  My structure is similar to how I write.  Put together an outline and wait for the details to come into focus during the writing itself.

I'm pretty easy going around here in general, so please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or recommendations.  If there is something you'd really like to explore with your character, let me know and we'll fold it in.  This is a joint project.

Hopefully we'll all have some fun here.
K. Takanori
 player, 34 posts
Sat 26 Dec 2020
at 20:16
Campaign Information

Sounds good. I'm already enjoying this a lot.