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--Naboo: a pretty land, with many deep lakes and aquatic species (but not gungans. There are no gungans in this game.)
--Coruscant: a huge (horizontal and vertical) cityscape, including the necropolis. Former home of the Jedi temple, now abandoned and haunted. Coruscant is overpopulated and overcrowded. (Lots of species like Twi'leks live here, too, not just humans.)
--Tatooine: A harsh desert
--Hoth: icy land to the north
--Dagobah: a swamp region
--Kashyyyk: A huge forest
--Endor: A forest region almost as large as Kashyyyk
--Bespin: A land in the sky where the clouds are solid.
--Alderaan: a wasteland, destroyed by the death star
--Yavin: A misty, forested land, bordered by Dagobah, Endor, and Naboo
--Korriban: Far to the west of Tatooine is the large desert island that is the home of the Sith
--Nar Shaddaa: A small moon with atmosphere. Criminal capital of the system.
--Jakku: a region of badlands (like desert, but more survivable) near Alderaan. The first Death Star crashed there, and scavengers have been scavenging there ever since...

Playable species:
--Human: could be from anywhere, but probably Coruscant. You can also be something else, like a Twi'lek, but there's no differences in the game from being a Twi'lek or any other species that isn't one of the species below.)
--Wookie: From Kashyyyk.
--Ewok: from Endor.
--Bogfolk: Short little folk with long pointed ears who live in the swamps of Dagobah. Strong in the Force.
--Jawa: from Tatooine.
--Sith: of Korriban heritage. Strong in the Force.
--Droid: an artificial person, created by magic. Most droids are not very smart nor charismatic, but there are exceptions. Droids cannot be Jedi. Jedi can have mostly-artificial body parts... but most Force-sensitives who are more than 50% artificial have fallen to the Dark Side.

All Droids get the Automaton Ability and begin by choosing one of the Abilities listed below that...

--Automaton: You do not need to breathe, eat, or sleep. You do need to maintain a power level, however. HP is represented in the fiction by surface level damage, sparks, small fires, but ultimately non-critical damage. You don‟t feel pain, but you may feel stress when Wounded or Dying. As long as you aren't disintegrated, you can always be rebuilt and rebooted. You memory is subject to erasure, though.

Then choose one of these:

--Advanced Interface: Your chassis is equipped with an advanced cyber-interface jack. If you can interface directly with a device by physically connecting to the data-input, you can attempt to use, hack, manipulate, or reprogram that device without any other tools.

--Alloy Plating: Your internal circuitry is protected by a durable composite metal shell; get +1 to Armor against non-energy based damage.

--Combat Rig: You have a weapon of some sort built into your chassis. It is retractable and concealable. You cannot be disarmed of this weapon unless you lose the limb the weapon is
mounted on or a knowledgeable technician with access to a workshop spends a few hours to remove it manually. You get +1 to rolls when attacking with this weapon.

--Does Not Compute: Your well programmed circuitry is immune to attempts at manipulation and deceit that is emotionally based (e.g. pleading for help, playing off greed, evoking pity).

--Protocol: Not only are you fluent with almost every known language in the galaxy, you have a robust database of cultural knowledge pertaining to customs and etiquette for thousands of different species and nations. Take +1 to Charming rolls involving diplomacy or haggling.

(You can choose another of these when you level up.)

--SORCERY (sometimes sneeringly called FORCERY by non-Force-users): Sorcery is powered by THE FORCE, the energy that flows through all things and connects them.
--The Light Side: good for healing and protecting.
--The Dark Side: good for destroying things with energy.

Long ago, the Jedi Knights stood for the Light Side of the Force, and defended the weak.

But one Jedi, Ajunta Pall, fell to the Dark Side, and was exiled. He sailed far to the west and found Korriban, a large desert island of red-skinned people, the Sith, many of whom were also powerful in the Force.

Ajunta Pall married a Sith, taught them advanced methods of using the Force, and poisoned their minds against the Jedi. Hundreds of years later, the Sith returned, and warred against the Jedi. The Jedi prevailed, with great difficulty.

Because of Ajunta Pall, some of the most powerful Sith are not red-skinned (although some are). Because of this, after the initial Sith-Jedi war, the Sith did not return to make war, but individuals would sometimes return to try to take over and corrupt the Jedi from within.

The Jedi Knights finally fell when one of these Sith Lords, known to the Jedi as Sheev Palpatine, but also calling himself Darth Sidious, took control of the Empire, outlawed the Jedi, and had most of them killed.

His apprentice was Anakin Skywalker, known, once he became as Sith Lord, as Darth Vader.

A few Jedi escaped. One was Yoda, a Franckian. Another was a human, Obi-Wan Kenobi. They took the twin children of Skywalker, and hid them.

The boy, Luke, was raised with his uncle in the deserts of Tatooine.

The girl, Leia, was raised as a princess of Alderaan.

Kenobi settled near Luke's moisture ranch, and kept an eye on the boy, although Vader believed that his wife had died in childbirth (which was true), as had the children (which was not true).

Before he died, Kenobi trained Luke in The Force. His father and Emperor Palpatine tried to turn Luke to the Dark Side, but Luke instead turned his father back to the Light Side of the Force, and his father killed the Emperor, though he was fatally wounded himself.

Roughly 20 years later, the heroes of the Rebellion came together again to defeat Palpatine, raised from the dead through black magicks, and his new apprentice Kylo Ren, a former student of Luke's. A new Death Star, the Starkiller, fell into the ocean.

--Naboo: Small bands of First Order operatives have small secret bases here.
--Coruscant: Fighting against the First Order still goes on.
--Tatooine: Small bands of First Order operatives have small secret bases here.
--Hoth: Small bands of First Order operatives have small secret bases here.
--Dagobah: Free from First Order activities.
--Kashyyyk: The First Order was recently driven from this area.
--Endor: Small bands of First Order operatives have small secret bases here.
--Bespin: Some cloud villages are still held by the First Order.
--Alderaan: No one lives here except mutant wamp rats (some Jawas live on the edge of it).
--Yavin: Small bands of First Order operatives have small secret bases here.
--Nar Shaddaa: A small moon with atmosphere. Criminal capital of the system. Lots of First Order operatives still dwell here.
--Jakku: near Alderaan. The first Death Star crashed there. Small bands of First Order operatives have retreated to here.

The Empire is being renamed The Alliance, as all non-evil people fight to destroy all members of the First Order. But The First Order is more than a military group-- it's a cult. And its influence has not diminished completely...

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