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Sun 29 Nov 2020
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History (Divergence from canon)
As stated in the game intro, the universe we'll be playing in diverges from the newly established (CBS Access) access in several ways. For completeness sake, we've added a concise history of the timeline, which might help with creating backstories fitting in the game.

21st century:
2024. Bell Riots take place, the US starts focussing on its ever-increasing wealth gap and starts a path towards universal medicine and better welfare conditions.

2026. An unknown military event sets off a war between the Eastern Coalition and NATO, which eventually leads to Nuclear attacks on many major cities across the world in the 2050s.

2053. After the horrors of devastating nuclear attacks become clear, a ceasefire is declared. WW3 ended with over 2 billion dead and many left wounded or sick.

2063. Zefram Cochrane successfully reaches warp speed in the Phoenix. Vulcans establish first contact.

2105 The European hegemony starts diplomatic overtures to create a world government.

2113 Poverty, Hunger and disease are all but eradicated on Earth.

2150 Australia is the last country to join the united earth government.

2153 An unforeseen attack on earth leads to the Xindi Crisis.

2154 The Vulcan high command is overthrown by the Syrranites leading to an era of pacifism.

2155 The Coalition of Planets is founded. After the coalition wins a war against the Romulans the Federation is founded in 2161.

2223 Federation klingon Cold war starts

2266 The Romulans come out of a self-imposed exile and attack the Federation. First visual confirmation of a Romulan by humans.

2293 Khitomer accords create a formal peace between the Federation and the Klingons

2367 Battle of Wolf 359, The federation destroys a Borg cube but at a high cost.

2369 The Bajoran Wormhole is discovered. Federations takes charge of Terok Nor renaming it Deep Space Nine

2371 The USS Voyager and Equinox get transported to the Delta Quadrant.

2373 The Dominion War starts

2374 Dominion forces occupy Betazed, Romulans join the Federation and Klingon forces in a three-way alliance.

2375 After the Cardassians switch sides the Triple alliance wins the war.

2378 Voyager returns to Earth.

2380 Shinzon takes control of the Romulan government. After his failed attacks on Earth, peace talks between the Federation and the Romulans resume.

2387 Romulus is completely destroyed due to a nearby supernova.

2389 The Klingons take advantage of the disarray in the Romulan Empire to take control of long-contested space. The Klingons also restart hostilities with the Gorn.

2391 The Rapier is launched.