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The USS Rapier
The USS Rapier is a modified Defiant Class vessel, modified for stealth and speed. Due to its small size, it can only accommodate a crew complement of thirty-five, which greatly contrasts the hundreds of crew on a normal federation vessel. It has atmospheric flight capability as well as cloaking.

The technical information below is simply given for reference, and to remove any questions on the layout. There's no need to study this unless you like that sort of stuff.

Length 115 meters (337ft 3.6 in)
Width 90 meters (225ft 3.3 in)
Height 25.5 meters (83ft 8.0in)
Weight 330.000 tonnes (7,341,393,924 Lbs)

Deck Layout:

Deck 1:  Main Bridge, Captains Ready Room, Transporter Room 1, Pulse Phaser Cannons (2), Upper Main Engineering, Plasma Exhaust Vents, Upper Sensor Array, Officer Quarters, Deuterium Storage

Deck 2:  Lower Main Engineering, Main Impulse Engines, Computer Core, Targeting Sensors, Mess Hall, Warp Coils, Med/Science Lab, Sickbay, Transporter Room 2, Crew Quarters, Warhead Control Room, Holosuite

Deck 3:  Main Impulse Engines, Warhead Impulse Engines, Shuttlebay 1-2, Shuttlebay 3, Antimatter Storage, Cargo Bay 1-4, Airlocks (2), Aft Torpedo Magazine, Warp Coils, Shuttle Maintenance, Security offices and Brig

Deck 4:  Landing Struts, Navigational Deflector, Pulse Phaser Cannons (2), Forward and Aft Torpedo Magazines, Aft Torpedo Launchers (2), Forward Torpedo Launcher (1), Lower Senor Array, Shuttlebay 1-2 Exterior Doors and Elevator System, Main Tractor Emitter

As you can see, space is at a premium in such a small vessel. Personal quarters are smaller than on other vessels, and enlisted crew bunk two to a room. There is no room, nor power for a full Holodeck, so an impromptu holosuite has been created for this long voyage.