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The Ironsworn System
You are Ironsworn.

Others live out their lives hardly venturing beyond the walls of their village or steading, but you are different. Your sworn vows will lead to a life of danger, heroism, and sacrifice at the edge of the known world.


The Ironsworn system is, in the words of its own blurb, "A Tabletop RPG of Perilous Quests." It is intended for games of dark fantasy adventure in a setting called the Ironlands - a land of tiny disconnected settlements enveloped in a vast, hostile wilderness.

The game is mechanics-light and allows for most of the players' effort and energy to be spent on crafting a satisfying story. What rules exist are simple and easily grasped. For instance, an action sequence is resolved quickly and mostly through narration. This makes it ideal for online play, an environment where long, detailed combats can often bog down the game to a point of irrecoverability. I think we've all seen at least one game die due to a combat scene that just wouldn't end. In Ironsworn, combat scenes are treated as just that: scenes. They flow just as quickly as the dialogue portions of play.

The most brilliant part of the system, from my perspective, is the oracle tables. When uncertain of the outcome of a roll, or when needing details of the setting or plot fleshed out, players are encouraged to roll on a set of D100 tables in the back of the book. These are intended to steer the game's storyline towards interesting and unexpected destinations.

The creator of the system, the incomparably-awesome Shawn Tomkin, has made its rulebook and materials available for download absolutely free of charge. Check them out here:


Important to note is the fact that this system is intended to be playable without a GM. I have played it this way in the past, and plan to do so again this time. I will be using this "Fate" username to post new threads, but otherwise will be a normal player along with the rest of you.

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