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Sat 28 Nov 2020
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What Is This Game? (Start Here)
An oath in the Ironlands is a sacred thing, never to be taken lightly. Vows sworn upon iron are especially sacred - so powerful as to be almost taboo. Most avoid such oaths, their hands snapping reflexively away from their tools whenever they make a promise in order to avoid drawing the attention of greater powers. But for some - the Ironsworn - such vows are a way of life.

Tales from the Ironlands will be a communal story/character-focused game using the Ironsworn system in its default setting: the vast, hostile wilderness known as the Ironlands. We will play as a band of Ironsworn - tough-as-nails warriors, monster slayers, and travelers, living by their wits, their oaths, and the sharpness of their blades.

The Ironlands are cold and desolate, yet they are far from empty. The history runs deep here, as does the danger. Monsters and horrors walk the ancient forests. Curses fester in the soil and stone. Mysterious monuments stand on lonely hilltops, their builders and purposes long forgotten. The precise nature of the Ironlands remains to be decided; we as the players will choose exactly what sort of world we shall venture into, but one thing is certain: adventure awaits in the depths of the wilderness, promising riches, mysteries, and terror in equal measure.