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Character Creation
I also have two characters, which could be PCs if you are interested in developing them in this way. More about this in a bit, but first, a few things for you to be thinking about for Character Creation:

1.) When creating your Character, you will be starting at 3rd level and roll 4d6, dropping the lowest 7 times, and take the six best of these rolls for your Stats, and/ or you can use the point buy for this- 27 points per PHB.

2.) Everyone gets 2000 gold to work with instead of Class equipment for starting equipment; however, you still get your background items. I will allow the purchase of magical items and potions, limiting magic items to the Common and Uncommon listings. Potions will cost 100 gpc's, also limited by the above.
Magic items: Common 500 gpcs and Uncommon 1000 gpcs
Potions: Common 100 gpcs and Uncommon 200 gpcs.

3.) Mages can use their gold to increase their known spells. Mages get to pick spells to their allotment for free, which I believe is- 2 1st lvl and 1 2nd lvl. Also, Mages can use their Int Ability Bonus to add to this- e.g., Int 18 is +4, so the mage can know 4 more 1st lvl spells or 2 1st lvl and one 2nd lvl

Buying extra spells is 100 gpc's for 1st lvl and 200 gpc's for 2nd lvl. Again this is limited to your Int bonus (see above) and would assume gathering these during previous adventures/ spell research.

4.) All races in the Wildemount Book are eligible for PCs (Starting on page 161). Note* the way races are looked upon changes depending on where they are in Wildemount. A Drow would be commonplace in the Kryn Dynasty but frowned upon if not harassed in the Dwendalian Empire. This will be enforced, at least initially until the PC can prove himself one way or the other.

5.) We will be using the Heroic Chronicle for Pc backgrounds beginning in the Wildemount book on page 190.

6.) I will allow anything from Xanathar, PHB, both books from Exandria, and any subclasses such as The Gunslinger or Blood Hunter from the DM's Guild as these were designed by Matt Mercer. Now I'm planning on getting Tasha's at some point and may add elements from it as we go along.

7.) Hit Points: You get Max Hit Points for the first two levels and then roll thereafter. If you roll less than half your Hit Points just make it half plus one, e.g. 1d8 and you roll a 3 just bump it up to 5 and then add/ subtract your con bonus. As this Campaign will involve a lot of traveling and challenges I am boosting HP's up a bit.

Now for the two possible PC's. No one has to choose these for their characters. It was just an idea I had for the campaign as a whole and something I would use for the Prophecies section in Background Creation. Also, these two characters have ties to the War between the Empire and Dynasty as well. Just the characters' race, sex, and classes are set. You can develop them otherwise as you like. You might consider them only if you had something similar in mind for your character makeup or if either of these sparks your interest, not really having something more concrete in your mind already.

And so begins the story of Light and Darkness...

Thanks to the Luxon’s gift of consecution, Nym and Istal have been partners across multiple lifetimes. They each have been reborn a handful of times—and each time, without fail, the couple manages to find their way back to each other.

Nym’s most recent cycle through the beacon resulted in their rebirth as Amra Theyliss, a young Kryn arcanist prodigy. Though only at the cusp of what elves consider adulthood, Amra has already begun studying the arcane art of dunamancy, training to one day join the ranks of dunamancers who weave the arcane shields that keep Rosohna in perpetual dusk. Amra is a neutral good female drow mage.

Istal’s most recent rebirth, though, is a much different story. Once an elite Echo Knight of the Kryn Dynasty, Istal fell in the skirmish at Nogvurot fifteen years ago, which led to their rebirth as Kaplan Eryth—a human cleric of the Dawnfather in the Dwendalian Empire. Kaplan is a chaotic good male human priest.

After his thirteenth birthday, Kaplan (unbeknownst to him) began undergoing anamnesis, the process through which consecuted individuals recover memories of their past lives. Confused by these visions of a city in endless twilight and beset with heartache for a partner he’s never met, fourteen-year-old Kaplan struck out on his own for the wastes of Xhorhas.

His journey led him back to Rosohna, where he reunited with Amra. However, with wartime tensions only growing and the Aurora Watch tightening security across the city, the couple realized they could not safely stay in Rosohna together. By combining Amra’s dunamancy studies with Kaplan’s divine magic, the pair devised a plan to flood the city’s arcane shields with sunlight, distracting the Aurora Watch long enough for them to make their escape.

The other Characters would be an elite force working for the Dynasty's government to hunt down and find these other two. Again the two, Amra and Kaplan, now 18, could be NPCs... one or both of them. So no pressure to make them your PC just thought I would offer.

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