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Sun 6 Dec 2020
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People Of Note!
Queen Leylas- Drow Queen to the Kryn Dynasty.
The Master of Secrets- a being of unknown origin and the Head of The Lens- Kryn's spy network.
Ater- Drow Female and a member of the Queen's Guard and HuMu's babysitter.
Nog Gum Nig- Kobold Trapmaker for the Queen and acquaintance of Anthony.
Gyrd Coinpinch- Goblin Proprietor of The Green Goblin Inn- located in the Corona District.
Thud- Bugbear Bouncer at The Green Goblin, and part-time guide within the Corona District.
Quana Kryn- The Queen's Consort and General of the Aurora Watch/ Kryn's troops in the Field.
Ots- A goblin and Pawnshop Owner. One of the Keepers of the Goblin Way within the Corona District.
Akvel and Varg- Hobgoblins guards that work for Ots.
Nalgos- Drow Guardsman in service to Den Theyliss.

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Thu 31 Dec 2020
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People Of Note!
For The Tal'Dorei Group.
Torick Trickfoot- Nephew of the renowned cleric of the Everlight, Pike Trickfot, and friend of Cassandra.
Rocky- an old Gnome and healer of Westeruun and good friend of Matilda.
Alard and Anne- The young and fairly new Owners of the Belching Boar Inn.
Wilhand Tricfoot- Great Grandfather of Pike and Torick Trickfoot and priest of Sarenrae.

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