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Game Information.

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The Scribe
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Sun 29 Nov 2020
at 15:26
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Game Information

This game will be set following the defeat of Vecna at the hands of Vox Machina. Still, during The Mighty Nein campaign, I will be making possible changes as they come up but may not follow to the letter the exploits of that group per Critical Role.

You will all be starting at 3rd level, and you will have this HP maxed; any Human characters can choose to use the Variant option if they so wish.
The Scribe
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Tue 1 Dec 2020
at 19:36
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Game Information

Our campaign and the Mighty Nien both start simultaneously, so there is growing tension but not an all-out war yet. The Krynn Dynasty has taken Ashguard Garrison recently. As a reprisal, the Empire has started sending patrols across the mountains and into Dynasty lands, which will lead to an adventure soon where the adventurers will learn of the blades/ daggers.

The first adventure will just be getting the party together... Kaplan and Arma/ Nina being chased down/ hunted by the others for questioning.

(More To Come)
The Scribe
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Wed 2 Dec 2020
at 13:08
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Game Information

The Aurora Watch

The regular forces of the Dynasty are called the Aurora Watch, and they perform the functions of both gendarmerie and the regular army. Their current established strength is at least 21,600, divided as follows: 13,200 divided among the cities under Kryn protection, 3,300 in the capital itself, 5,500 stationed at various places in the Underdark, and the rest stationed on the border with the Empire. The Aurora Watch seems to consist mostly of well-armed, well-equipped, and well-trained drow. Allied and/or subject peoples of the orcish, goblinoid, gnoll, and other communities seem to provide many additional supplemental forces.

The Aurora Watch are the guards and soldiers of the Kryn Dynasty, acting as police officers and guards for official buildings (including the Marble Tomes Conservatory and the Lucid Bastion), for the city gates of Rosohna, and patrolling the main road through the Ghostlands to kill the errant spirits there.

Characteristic Armor/ Uniforms

Soldiers and assassins from the Kryn Dynasty wear chitinous insect-like leather armor that protrudes in large sweeping hooks at the joints and the shoulders. Additionally, they wear form-fitting helmets of similar black leather that has onyx studs wrapped around the head. The brow plate of these helmets has backward-facing horns, looking almost demonic. Kryn Dynasty soldiers additionally wear metal cups as part of their uniform.
(See Amra's Character Description which depicts this armor)

Sashes Denote The Rank Within The Aurora Watch

Each Watch Member wears a small sash that goes over one shoulder and then dangles across the front of the armor seems to denote their status:

Dusk Captain Quana Kryn: Partner of Queen Leylas and leading general of The Aurora Watch.
Wears a Purple Sash Edged In Green.

- White a typical guard.
- Yellow a typical non-commission officer.
- Red a typical Captain within The City Guard Or Commander within Royal Army
- Green a typical elite guard of The Queens Guard
- Purple a typical officer of The Queens Guard
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The Scribe
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Sat 5 Dec 2020
at 06:38
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Game Information

The Iron Authority

The Iron Authority is the name of the hobgoblin nation in the southernmost region of the continent of Tal’Dorei. The Iron Authority is located on the Beynsfal Plateau, south of the Rifenmist jungle on the Rifenmist Peninsula. Not much is known about the Iron Authority as few have ever attempted the dangerous journey to travel there, and those who have, have not returned. About fifty years ago a monk from the Cobalt Reserve, by the name of Amir, made the dangerous journey on a fact-finding mission. The Cobalt Soul knows that he successfully arrived because he was able to send some of his notes by way of animal messenger. However, after his first check-in, he was never heard from again. What is known about the Iron Authority, all come from the one check-in from Amir before he went dark for good.

The Iron Authority is made up of five city-states. It’s capital, Tz’Arrm sits to the far south and is where the Iron Emperor himself resides. From south to north the other cities are Rybad-Kol, Hdar-Fye, Ezordam-Haar, and Orterm-Vellak. In his notes Amir noted that everything in the cities was made of a dark black pitted iron, he stated even the land itself seemed to be made of iron. The society itself comes off as one large war machine, and almost every free citizen is either a part of the military or working to aid the military. Amir also noted that the slave trade was a very common part of the culture, and almost everyone who was not a slave themselves participated in the capture and trade of slaves. The might of the tangled Rifenmist jungle has kept the Iron Authority at bay and prevented it from invading the rest of Tal’Dorei for over 1000 years. Recently something has changed, and the hefty armies of the Iron Authority have begun to march. The goal is to attack and topple the cities of Tal’Dorei
The Scribe
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Sat 5 Dec 2020
at 17:48
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Game Information

Coins Of The Kryn Dynasty
Luxon= Gold Pieces named after the Great Light itself, Common Slang- Lights
Cathas= Silver PiecesNamed for Exandria's silver/ grayish moon, Common slang- Moons
A'zil= Copper Pieces Means Consorts, Common slang- Whores.
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The Scribe
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Sun 6 Dec 2020
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Game Information


Is a central city in the kingdom of Tal’Dorei, approximately midway between Emon and Whitestone. With a population of around 26,000 people and a location pivotal for the movement of goods across Tal’Dorei, Westruun is a bustling city of most trades and intellectual pursuits. Built against the perimeter of the Bramblewood Forest near the base of the great Gatshadow Mountain, the city is easy to spot from quite a distance. Among the aged cobblestones and very busy roadways, the sounds of music from vagrant bards and nearby taverns mingles with the nearly ever-present winds. City guards keep the peace, and all arrests and social unrest are immediately brought before the Court of Avandra, a combined temple, and justice hall. Westruun is divided into five areas: Opal District, Residential Row, Scholar Terrace, Temple Terrace or Temple Ward, and Tradesmeet.

Westruun was named after a person, not a direction. The town’s iconic flower is the white iris, which grows around the western side of town.

Opal District:

 Ironhand Trading Company Warehouse: One of the more powerful and well-known trade companies throughout Tal’Dorei, the Ironhand Company mainly works in construction materials, such as woods, metals, rope, and roofing. They are based out of Emon.

 The Mason’s Guildhall: A grand black stone building owned by the very rich and powerful masons guild (having much to say in and around Westruun) led by Dwarf name Balfam Zarkanan

Residential Row:

 Softsky Bakery: A very modest bakery that looks to have been family-run for a few generations, the Softsky Bakery is owned and run by Elowen Brist, who lives alone with her son, Simon Brist. The smell from outside the bakery is pleasant, although the size is small and the business slow.

 The Sunkissed Tavern and Inn: A fair-sized tavern and inn, the Sunkissed Tavern largely houses local farmers after work hours and travelers that require cheap lodging. An attached stable makes for a convenient business for those passing through the city. A gruff half-orc barkeep named Ulf keeps his ears open for news and valuable information.

Scholar Terrace:

 Cobalt Reserve: A grand dome of blue, polished stone, the Cobalt Reserve is a well-fortified library organized, overseen, and guarded by an order of monks in worship to Delleb, a lesser god of reason, intellect, and study. The Reserve’s collection of knowledge is so vast that individuals travel from all over the world to study here. A monk is assigned to every person that seeks entry, both as a guide and as a security escort.

 Greystone Tower: A looming spire of shimmering stone in the center of the terrace, Greystone Tower is a source of mystery and much rumor within the city. Home to the powerful archmage Realmseer Eskil Ryndarien and his servant-aide Jekt Wince, it’s not uncommon to see strange colors and fumes flash from the windows throughout the evenings.

Temple Terrace:

 Bahamut’s Rest: At the southern end of the Temple Terrace lies the alabaster and silver temple to the great platinum dragon Bahamut. Home to the great paladin Lady Kima of Vord, Bahamut’s Rest welcomes the forgotten, the oppressed, and the hungry. Simar, Keeper of the Temple, oversees the temple and its services.

 Court of Avandra: Within the Temple Terrace, closest to the center of the city, lies an impressive building of sand-colored stone. This serves as the court of law within the city of Westruun, as well as the prison and guard barracks, and it houses a temple of worship to Avandra, the goddess of chance, luck, trade, and travel.


 Beyond the Veil: A shop that specializes in magical relics and curiosities, Beyond the Veil has an unassuming, tent-like exterior that opens into a mystically larger interior. Abjurist Noja owns this shop.

 The Belching Boar Inn and Tavern: A simple tavern and inn run by a young but friendly couple called Alard and Anne. It’s a popular establishment where locals come to listen to music, play games and eat a nice meal. Big Joanie is almost always to be found here.

 Red House of Trickfoot: The family home of Wilhand Trickfoot and origin of Pike Trickfoot, this humble home also doubles as a small house of Sarenrae worship. Rarely without a warm hearth, it offers a welcome bit of respite from the harsh outside world.


Westruun is a large city with a population of 26,205. Many races are represented among its citizens, including humans (65%), gnomes (10%), tieflings (7%), half-orcs (5%), gnolls (1%), and other races (12%).

Known Factions
 Brawler’s League
 The Clasp
 Court of Avandra
 Masons Guild
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