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Wed 2 Dec 2020
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Rumors And Street Talk
1.) The Head of the disgraced House Theyliss is somewhere within the Capital, perhaps being aided by elements of the Empire. The reward of 500 Gold Luxons for the capture of Arma Theyliss.

2.) Recent Deaths of the members of Den Duendalos and Zolaed have nobles throughout the Capital on edge. Rumors have it that Queen Leylas is looking into this personally.

3.) The tension between The Dynasty and Empire continues to grow since the taking of Ashguard. Empire patrols have increased along the border, some even ranging inside the borders of the Dynasty itself.

4.) A recent shipment of Empire weapons has been smuggled inside the Capital. These include Gnomish tech weapons and firearms. Any citizen carrying such without permission of the Crown is subject to arrest.

5.) Rumors of recent attacks on Watch Forces within Shadowshire have caused an increase in patrols from that body. These attacks do not seem to be from marauding monsters but appear to be more organized and strategic in nature. Perhaps by raiding Empire forces?