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Fri 4 Dec 2020
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GM Notes
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Fri 4 Dec 2020
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Turn Orders
Tactics: how well trained military is
Logistics: how well equipped military is
Support: how public views war
Recruit: Available population

Tribute: pay another nation
Alliance: enter formal alliance, move units through shared territories
Treaty: make offer to another nation
Trade: Make direct sales to another nation

Tax Rate: raise or lower income tax
Import: Purchase Materials from global market
Export: Sell materials to global market
Investments: Invest in market materials

Sabotage: destroy building
Influence: stir rebellion
Assassinate: kill advisor
Spy: learn another nation's turn commands

Research: earn knowledge points
Develop: spend knowledge points
Study Tome: Translate magical tome
Discover Secret: learn secret
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Fri 4 Dec 2020
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Factory: craft 5 materials
Farm: harvest 5 rations
Lodge: hire advisors
Mine: mine 5 metal
Lumber Yard: chop 5 wood
Roads: improved travel, +2 speed towards destination when leaving city
Academy: Build Support Units
Temple: Build magical units
Hospital: heal unit(s) 10 hp once per siege
Castle: Capital only, full defense
Wall: +2 AC defending units
Harbor: build naval units
Air Strip: build aerial units
Moat: trap d8 damage before siege
Spikes: trap d4 damage before siege
Burning Oil: trap d6 damage before siege
Home: + 5 population
Forge: build artillery units
Embassy: nation interaction
Barracks: build Infantry units
Stables: build Cavalry units
Firing Range: build ranged units
Aquifer: siege holdout x2
Keep: siege defense
Hall: control
Tavern: morale
Dungeon: quell rebellion
Bank: better interest rates

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Fri 4 Dec 2020
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Engineer: repair artillery and fortifications
Commissar: unit doesn't break, if unit is broken during combat continues to fight but is dissolved after battle.
Priest: heal 5 hp
Bard: 1 reroll per turn

Magic: Must build Temple to create unit. Each unit can cast 1 spell per turn in combat.

Smite: 1d12 damage
Bless: +5 to next roll
Heal: replace 2 hp
Banish: remove summoned unit from board

Drain: 1d8 damage, heal self 2 hp
Curse: -5 to next die roll.
Raise: resurrect dead (gift hp)
Summon: summon unit of ghouls

Burn: 1d8 damage, charge 1 turn for one die type higher up to 1d12 damage, targets take 2 burning damage per turn for 2 turns.
Freeze: trap unit in place for 2 turns, 1d4 damage
Wind Tunnel: move target unit 3 spaces
Wall of rock: +2 ac to unit defending targeted space.

Magic Missiles: x1 d12 damage, x2 d6 damage, x3 d4 damage
Mage Armor: +2 ac
Turn Ethereal: target cannot be detected or attack for 2 turns
Ward: target cannot be cursed or blessed for 2 turns.

Light: +2 ac
Medium: +3 ac, -1 speed
Heavy: +4 ac, -2 speed
Shield: +1 ac

Hammer: 2d10 damage, -1 speed, ignore half armor round down
Axe: 2d4 damage, x2 damage to unarmored or flanked units
Spear:  2d8 damage, reach 1
Sword: 2d6 damage, +1 speed

Short Bow: 2d4 damage, reach 2, +1 speed
Long Bow: 2d6 damage, reach 4
Crossbow: 2d8 damage, reach 3, reload
Musket: 2d10 damage, reach 2, reload

Ballista: 4d4 damage, reach 4
Catapult: 4d6 damage, reach 6
Trebuchet: 4d8 damage, reach 10 reload
Cannon: 4d10 damage, reach 8 reload

Dog: +2 attack, reveal hidden units within 4 spaces
Horse: +2 speed, charge +1 damage die
Troll: +2 ac, +10 health
Dragon: fly speed 4, +2 attack 3d8 damage

Transport: speed 2, hold 5,
Escort: speed 2, hold 2,
Destroyer: speed 1, hold 4,
Raider: speed 3, hold 2,

Winged: Speed 3, hold 0
Glider: speed 4, hold 1
Balloon: speed 2, hold 2
Barge: speed 1, hold 4

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Fri 4 Dec 2020
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Lord Stats- TBD
Player stats, nation bonus, etc

Advisor- TBD
Bonus to nation stats, army commander

Training Level-

Conscript: -2 to skill
Militia: -1 to skill
Regular: +0 to skill
Elite: +1 to skill
Special Forces: +2 to skill

Experience: +1 per battle survived to max +3 from experience (green, hardened, veteran)

Skill: unit training + experience (d20 mod for attacks)

Weapon: unit damage

Armor: unit armor class

Health: unit health (20 starting health)

Speed: unit move rate (2 spaces, minimum 1)

Morale: unit condition

Eager: 100% health
Shaken: 50% health
Broken: 25% health

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Fri 11 Dec 2020
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