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Sun 29 Nov 2020
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RTJ and expectations
For those looking to join first I must say this, this is a 6th ed Shadowrun game so if you havenít read that Iíd advise you to do so now. Second Iím new to Shadowrun as a whole but if youíre more experienced and I rule something wrong just shoot me a pm and Iíll rule it that way next time(I wonít retcon a ruling because it may jack up the flow of the game.)

So letís get started on that rtj!
1. Iím looking for a slightly in depth character here meaning names of said character, backgrounds (especially if you want me to put some plot together with that background in mind), a little bit about your contacts so Iím not coming up with stuff on the fly. Also in your background I need a good reason why your character is in the shadows. Iíll accept a SINless any day but for someone who left the corps I need a why and how. Your playing street level characters just starting out in the shadows so prepare for that.

2. You need to be able to post at the minimum of twice a week this is largely due to peopleís work schedules and such, things get busy on my end so my post may come from different time zones in the states.

3. This is important, do not play a character younger than 18. I will be touching some mature material that may not be proper for letís say a 16 year old character to go through. If I touch something that triggers you just pm and let me know and I wonít touch up on it again.

4. Itís a game. Itís meant to be fun and relaxing donít go picking fights with others in ooc chat because of something that happened or was said.

5. This here is a homemade rule but I should explain it. Plot points not edge. Plot points are for those things that you may have forgotten about when doing leg work Ex. Your scaling a building to get inside and run a data jack from a nexus to your decker and you forgot to bring the drill. Boom plot point is you have done this a few times and itís not your first rodeo so you brought it just in case.