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The Team


1. Security
2. Security/Netrunner
3. Lead Paramedic
4. Assist Paramedic



1. Primary pilot
2. Co-pilot, door gunner 2.
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Thu 3 Dec 2020
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The Team
Name: Ulric Stevenson
Handle: Gravestone
Role: Pilot
Age: 45
Sex: Male

Experience pilot, worked for TT for approximately at this point for 5 years, seen different team members come and go. Previous experience as a pilot for another major corporation, however refuses to divulge more information. Married for 20 years, father of 3 children. Thinks of it as a job, professional, refuses to hang out with team during downtime.

Gravestone is somewhat short, almost rail thin. Blue eyes, with black and pepper hair. Short hair cut on the sides with longer hair at the top the head. The man speaks in a moderately low voice, slow pattern, his speech is however crisp like a well trained pilot. On his hands he wears a wedding band, on the wrists a collection of friendship bracelets. All are colorful, one of them reads "Daddy". The rest of him is dressed in Trauma Team provided uniform.

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Thu 3 Dec 2020
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The Team
Name: Preston Webb
Handle: Bozo
Role: Co-pilot
Age: 25
Sex: Male

Recently hired by Trauma Team, unproven, a bit of a clown. Always talks about who is he dating, seeing now. Loves soap operas, always snacking on something. Still lives with his mother.

Bozo is of average build and average height. His eyes always covered by mirror shades. As long as you have worked with him, you have never seen Bozo without them, he even sleeps in the bunk with them on. His long hair black hair hangs from his face, when it comes down to business he puts them in a tight pony tail. A well trimmed van dyke beard completed his face. He speaks in an almost whiny tone, his speech is whispery and fast. His uniform is crumpled and unkept. Mysterious stains litter the top and bottom of his clothes. Patches of militaristic nature, popular music groups, and of "funny" (to him) nature complete his uniform ensemble.

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Fri 4 Dec 2020
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The Team
Name:Joseph Zhang
Handle: Candy
Role: Medtech (Specialty: Pharmacology)
Age: 24
Sex: Male

He has no official work history. His education shows having taken a pre-medical degree at Night City Technical College on scholarship from the Beneficent Merchant's Community Association and three more years of medicine at Trauma Tech's training center. He continues to take classes in pharmacology. His only work experience is his practicum. He grew up in "TopDollar Commerical Metroplex" in night city.

Joesph knows his fashion. His phone is a classic Dialung-23. His Tek Hair runs a fire pattern alternating between ice and fire, and his skin has various chemical formulas for drugs that move across it regularly, and alters pigment based on his mood.

On duty, he wears pretty normal stuff, but his off duty clothes are bespoke night city club wear from 20XX vintage, all high tech, flashy stuff popular in clubs. He's got an ingratiating grin that seems to show he's no threat.

He's actually a pretty well built, though his youthful looks, smile and fashion make him come across as fairly non-threatening.He'd have made clear to the others that he was used to Night City and that he knows a lot of good spots. He usually listens to electronic music (on headphones.. but usually loud enough to hear).

Joseph is pretty friendly with other team members.

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The Team
Name: Redacted Security Clearance
Handle: Cinnabar
Role: Netrunner-Solo
Age: 23
Sex: Female

Biography: Trained in her formal education as a Netrunner for the distinctly white hat side of corporate warfare, at least from the perspective of whoever hired her to use it, She quickly determined that this path was not for her and split off into contract work for a few years.  Somehow that contract work led her to join the Trauma Team as part of their security detail a few months ago.

Description: Making no effort to hide her obviously corporate executive roots she favors the businesswear style, with only the occasional dip into casual for events that require it, or her uniform armor for work.  A serious young woman even when not on the job her level of professionalism is easily into the upper range when anyone even thinks to check.  Despite being considerably shorter and quite a lot less bulky than most soldier types it is clear to anyone who looks that she has more than a little close combat experience just from the way she moves and scans every room she enters.
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Fri 4 Dec 2020
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The Team
Name: Jimmy "the Tank" Sawyer
Handle: Tank
Role: Solo - Security
Age: 24
Sex: Male

Biography: Jimmy doesn't speak much of his youth nor what he did for the last Corp job he held. Just lets you know he's from Night City. But he skilled with a handgun, knows his way around with his fists and will take a punch or two and smile back at the guy before he throws back his own. He's been with Trauma Team now two months. Doesn't get squeamish at the sight of blood.

Outside of work he dresses in the latest Urban Streetware, best he can afford. Always a large pistol is strapped to his leg. About average in height, with broad shoulders and overall stocky build. First thing you notice when you get close to him is his odd colored eyes, bloodshot red, from there his hands are broad and calloused. He's a bit shy, but seems to enjoy others around him. Occasionally you'll see him with an old beat-up electric guitar, missing a few strings. But he won't let anyone else touch it. If he asked he just stares at you a moment and then puts it aside.

Height: ~6'00
Weight: ~220#
Eyes: Red (Green when contacts aren't in)
Hair: Short/Clean Black/Dark Brown Hair. With a bit of day old stubble
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Sat 5 Dec 2020
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The Team
Name: Rød Skjorte [Road Skyor'tay - Road has short not long vowels]
Handle: Red
Role: Medtech
Age: mid 20's
Sex: Male

Biography: Red freely talks about growing up a streetrat, in a streetrat gang.  The gang were his family after his 'rents died from something,  disease, starvation, he doesn't remember anymore.  He says he was "like five when they gave up livin".  In his teens he left the street and went to school.  How did this happen?  All he says is "I left, they couldn't accept what needed to be done, I did.  That life is the rear view, it's all going forward now."

He's been with Trauma Team a few years "in center tryin get an open slot on a T-Team", he's been "ridin the bus for four glorious months".

Outside of work he favors 'Urban Tacticool', mostly he says "For the pockets, man.  Those designer spools ain' got hold.  Where does anybody put their stuff?"  And stuff is right.  He always has spare kits, first aid, MREs, etc.

He's trim, lean, but not a lightweight.  He claims his Dad was a bear and his Mom an amazon, but if so he has a ways of growing to go.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 (more like 160 with pockets weighed down)
Eyes: Green
Hair:  Red, short and spiky
Distinguishing marks:  Nordic 'dude/frat' tribal tattoos on his shoulders and upper arms.

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