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Mon 14 Dec 2020
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The Village of Drellin's Ferry
It is a cold autumn evening in the village of Drellin's Ferry. A cold wind blows from the north bringing the promise of a bitter winter. The few visitors to town have gathered in the Red Boar Tavern, a safe and worm refuge from the outside chill.

Inside, the ale was plentiful and the smiles were friendly. The entertainment didn't have to be good as long as the songs were cheerful and the patrons had the chance to sing along.

As was the case in such times, stories and rumors told. Old Farmer Ezra claimed to have seen a large dog that walked like a man. It was said that someone from the town of Terrelton had seen an ogre in the hills outside of town. One person even had claimed his cousin had seen a dragon flying low on the horizon. Of course the cousin had been drunk and was a bit addle-brained, he also claimed that he was visited at night by an imaginary elf maiden so no one really believed his stories.

The glow of the sun was still faintly visible to the West, but darkness was fast approaching. Already the colors had faded from the land. Inside the tavern the fire was warm and bright and a few flickering rush lights kept the darkness at bay.

As the travelers were settling in for the evening, the font door opened letting in the chill air. Standing in the doorway was an attractive woman; blonde and in her mid thirties. She was dressed in a worn but well-kept peasant dress. Her cheeks were rosy, perhaps from the cold, but more likely from her distress. She gave a panicked look around the inn as the edges of fear could be seen playing in her eyes.
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Mon 14 Dec 2020
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The Village of Drellin's Ferry
Orden sat near the musicians, a full bottle of wine ordered "for the table" out of habit.  His cup however was barely touched.  It wasn't any fun drinking alone.  So he sat nose in a book, nursing his wine and listening to the musicians--drowning himself in sensory pleasures to force the miseries of the day out of his head.

He looked up from his book as the woman entered.  Quite lovely indeed, but obviously not in the mood to sit and drink with a handsome stranger.  A shame...
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Tue 15 Dec 2020
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The Village of Drellin's Ferry
Vaiserix sat outside the doorway cross-legged on his pelt, a bowl filled with a few copper given by passers-by. From the shadows of his cowl he'd seen the woman's agitation, and wondered if she'd follow through with the resolution she'd made, whatever it had been. He bowed down, folding himself as she passed, and said a prayerful offering to her spirit on her journey.

When she'd passed, he sat upright again and focused his attention on the sounds from inside the tavern.

The cold wind blew against his cassock but it passed unheeded.
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Wed 16 Dec 2020
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The Village of Drellin's Ferry
Gam sat among the drunks telling their tall tales.  He brought out his pouch and packed his bowl with the purple green pipe weed he was famous for, and took a long hit. He contemplated their tales as he held his breath.  A dog could be trained to walk on two legs, or there could some spell caster who took a dog's shape.  The story of the dragon, he dismissed.  A creature like that would would draw more attention than a single observer.  It was probably a large bird whose size couldn't be determined against the sky.  He exhaled a large plume of pungent smoke which was quickly dissipated by a cold blast of air.  He looked in the direction of the draft to the door.
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Wed 16 Dec 2020
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The Village of Drellin's Ferry
Charnath looked at the welcoming entrance of the inn, then reached down to feel his coin purse, gently feeling the weight.  The former noble sighed.

I frittered away plenty of nights in my father's keep, not even thinking about how much food or drink I was consuming.  And now I'm on my own, and this is all I have left.

One part of the young man's mind thought he should keep what little he had, save it for a dire emergency.  After all, he had read plenty about sleeping in the woods, setting snares, cooking his own food.  It was cold and lonely out there.  Patting his coin pouch one more time, he walked through the doors of the Red Board Tavern, trying to project more confidence than he felt.

Inside, he quickly noticed a near-empty table near the musicians, a nearly full pitcher of wine and a nearly untouched cup next to a man he felt that he knew but couldn't quite place.  Maybe it was the man's clothes: fine, like Charnath's own, but showing the tiniest bit of wear than should be normal for a noble.

Charnath approached the table, again trying to exude an air of confidence that he didn't quite feel in his cast-out status.

He addressed the half-elf (Orden) at the table: "Couldn't help but notice you sitting there alone, with more wine than you could possibly drink.  Do you need some help with that?"
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Wed 16 Dec 2020
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The Village of Drellin's Ferry
As the poet once said, the first thing Orden noticed about the richly dressed man was the audacity.

Thankfully, Orden was in the mood to reward such audacity.

"A lesser man might look on such remarks as a challenge, good sir." The half-elf said mildly, "But, luckily for you, I am above such things.  Come.  Be welcome at my table."

He poured the man a cup of the local vintage.  Good stuff if you didn't want to wax poetic about "notes of cherry" or what have you.

"To new friends." He raised his cup, <Aqua>"I am Orden, a wizard by trade, and it is my great pleasure to make your acquaintance."<Aqua>