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Tue 8 Dec 2020
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RTJ Information
Hey, everyone!  I'm looking to run an isekai inspired adventure for ONE compatible player using the D&D 5e rules.  The basic premise is that you've been summoned to another world as a Hero in order to defeat a Demon Lord.  I'm expecting a mostly standard affair of exploring the world, getting stronger, finding lost legacies, recruiting allies, fighting evil and corruption, and so on.

This will not be a grimdark game nor will it be harem quest (in fact romance will be minimal if any).

In terms of basic expectations, I will be posting at least once a day, with an ability to post multiple times a day (especially during combat).  If you are applying to join, you need to have a similar rate of about one per day.  Obviously real life comes first, and some breaks are fine. But in general, a decent posting rate is required in order for the story to make any progress whatsoever.

I also expect a decent bit of effort put in, as I will be trying the same.  Obviously no one is perfect, but please no one liners or text speak.
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Tue 8 Dec 2020
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RTJ Information

In general, we will be following RAW, but first and foremost the game is for fun, and we won't let the rules get in the way of that.

That being said, there are a few house rules.

First is character creation. You don't have many choices for character creation.  As a human being summoned from our world into a new world, you will be a non-variant human Hero, with the Other-worlder background.  About the only decision you will get to make at chargen is stat allocation, which will be 32 point buy, no stat lower than 10.  You will have plenty of options for customization after level 1.

The Hero is obviously homebrew. This will be a powerful class that offers customization at practically every level (except for level 1, which has everything already chosen).  You can find a link to the class pdf under Game Links.  Only the first level is revealed however, and part of the mystery of the game will be discovering the powers of your class through level up. But to give some idea, the class should feel like 3.5 Gestalt or PF hybrid classes. I will update the pdf on each level up.

You will also be getting a custom background: Other-worlder.

You were born in another world. Whether it be through skill, luck, or fate, you were able to bridge the dimensional gap, and travel to another world.  The result of such an act has tempered your body as well as garnered the attention of higher beings who have blessed you, granting the following features:
  • Universal Translator-  You can speak and understand all languages, even though they sound like your native tongue.
  • Blessed Attributes- Spend 32 points to decide your stats instead of 27.  No stat lower than 10.
  • Identify- You can identify all objects and people getting a brief description and level

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Tue 8 Dec 2020
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RTJ Information
The System

One other very important thing to talk about for this game is the System.  Following the litrpg trope, this world is run by the System, which quantifies everything numerically.  Think Sword Art, DanMachi, KonaSuba, Shield Hero, etc.  So in this world, the character sheet and stats are real.  Saying "Status" out loud would bring up a blue box showing your 5e character sheet.  This means that people may talk in ways that directly reference said stats and abilities.