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building your character
Whether you see yourself as evil or not, characters in this game have had to defend themselves from overconfident subordinates that want to take your job by force, and also from quick to act and slow to think "goodie two shoes" so characters in this game tend to be stronger then the average creature.

starting level
tentatively lvl 12

starting wealth is 88,000 gp

I will be using the array below, you can place them in any ability you wish.
apply the array before any racial modifiers.

20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10

hit points
hit points are maxed on the class side only, all others roll (even lvl 1 on the racial side)

A class skill is only a class skill, if the class you are taking at that level says it is a class skill. Once a skill is made a class skill by any class the max ranks is equal to (lvl+3) but cross class skill ranks cost the normal cross class cost. (2 skill points per skill rank)


I am using a different version of gestalt

on one side of your gestalt is any level adjust, and racial hit dice. the only classes allowed on the first side of the build are racial paragon classes and monster classes (see savage species)

the second side of the build will be for "standard" classes.

both sides of the gestalt gives hit points to the total HP, but for effects that depend on HD (turn/rebuke, cloudkill or sleep spell, etc) only the "class side" counts.

only one side of the gestalt grants...
...leveling feats every 3 HD...
...ability score boost every 4 HD...
...skill points

If you are taking a class that grants spells and a racial paragon class that grants (+1 spells per level) i will get with you in private to explain how that works.

races like the gnome that has racial spell like abilities increase with your racial HD up to, but not after your type changes.

I know this is going to cause 100 questions, so please ask them publicly and clearly, because there is a chance someone else has the same question but has not asked it yet.

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building your character
powergaming is ok ...BUT... you need to be able to provide a smooth flowing story/explanation as to why you chose certain classes and class features.

Standard XP penalty:
If any two of your multiclass character’s classes are two or more levels apart, the strain of developing and maintaining different skills at different levels takes its toll. Your multiclass character suffers a –20% penalty to XP for each class that is not within one level of his or her highest-level class. These penalties apply from the moment the character adds a class or raises a class’s level too high. For instance, a 4th-level wizard/3rd-level rogue gets no penalty, but if that character raises his wizard level to 5th, then he takes the –20% penalty from that point on until his levels were nearly even again.

Racial favored class is not included when calculating if an XP penalty is applied. But it is when calculating the penalty for open/unfinished classes.

Prestige classes (PrCs) is not included when calculating if an XP penalty is applied. But it is when calculating the penalty for open/unfinished classes.

open/unfinished classes:
a character can not have more then 4 unfinished classes without incurring an additional XP penalty, this includes PrCs and racial favored class. If another class is begun there is an additional 10% XP penalty per additional unfinished class. This is on top of the usual XP penalty for multi-classing.
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Thu 14 Jan 2021
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building your character
All characters are expected to be an active part of the world.

Characters that are in the party must be able to see the profit in being a hero.

If your character finds nothing interesting to do in the things presented, then the character you build is not designed for this game and you should start over with character building process.

If you chose to build a square peg, and then begin complaining that there are only round holes. I will simply recommend that you make your square peg small enough to fit through he holes provided.