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nations, geography, and polotics
The Ring
the ring is a massive construction, on a scale not fathomable by mortals and lesser deities. There is no evidence on who made it, or why; but the inside surface is the home plane the campaign takes place upon.

Imagine a star, now imagine a ring around that star, a ring as big as the orbit the earth takes in a full year (600 million miles). Now imagine the sun facing surface of that ring was curved away from the star. At the bottom of the curve is a tiny insignificant ribbon of water that is only 14,000 miles wide and 600 million miles long that feeds back on itself in an endless circle. That tiny ribbon of water is the "great river-sea" that always flows east. On the both banks of that river that flows for the entire inner circumference of the ring is a thin strip of green land about 3,000 miles wide and paralleling the 600 million mile long path of the great river-sea is were living creatures fight for their piece of existence. Bordering that thin strip of green is a much larger expanse of stone that extends 500,000 miles all the way to the edge of the ring.

Razorridge Mountains
no one knows the origin of these mountains, but the obsidian chips are prized by necromancers for raising undead, and warriors of all background appreciate the shards as throwing weapons.

shattershard throwing weapons always break on impact, but are always treated as keen dealing 1d4 pierce/slash. each shard radiates a thin anti-magic effect CL 50 that allows it to ignore magic walls and magical enchantment to armor. using a shattarshard weapon runs the risk of harming your self as well. Roll two attacks the first against your target the other against yourself; damage is rolled once and applies to any successful attack.

mining the shards requires heavy iron boots and gloves to protect the miners from the shards. speed in the boots reduces speed to 5 ft/rd and -4 on dexterity because of the gloves.

Few if any creatures call the region home due the the physical damage the ground does to to exposed flesh, the lack of soil prevents any vegetation from growing. Due to the unstable fractured obsidian buildings crumble in a few short years due to shifting foundations. Those rare creatures that do call the region home have a durability that boggles the mind.

the great river-sea
Nearly 14,000 miles across it flows ever east ward, at 130 ft/rd (15mph) the winds a above the sea move with equal pace and determination.

the Breathless plains...and mountain ranges
The breathless plane is an enormous stretch of barren stone that streshes from the tree line north for aprox 500,000 miles. The region is so called because the air is unnaturally thin causing a (dc 10 fort save per hour) to prevent the loss of 1 con no plant or living creature lives there naturally, living creatures that are brought there die in a matter of days.

The breathless plains holds 99.999% of the 9,726,655,034,460 population of the nation controlled by the council of 12.

The remaining 0.001% of the population reside in diplomatic embassies in host nations. those embassies serve as the headquarters for all business with (or by) members of the council of 12.

the Diamond Lake valley
There is a 10,000 mile radius region around the diamond lake valley that few creatures visit or reside in, or at least not willingly. The region is plagued with magical interference and hostile creatures. travel into out of the region can not be done magically, but must rely on more mundane means.

a few brave groups have "tamed" monstrous centipedes as beasts of burden, but they are rarely seen outside of the region.

the metallic towers and disks
the towers are as old as the plane. they are an exotic metallic alloy that is impervious to damage or corrosion. They dot the landscape extending into the sky directly towards the sun that lights the plane occurring predictably every 500 miles. They occur in the great river-sea and the breathless planes with the same regularity. Many civilizations have used the towers as foundations for towers of their own, building inside the metal lattice and around it. Many have used them to build ports for ships as they cross the great river-sea.

Always within a mile of a tower is a flat, level metallic disk. No one knows what their purpose might be. Sometimes the disk is only 5 ft across others are over 5 miles across. like the towers they are immune to damage and corrosion. but unlike the towers the disks absorb all forms of elemental energy, channeling it...somewhere.

Many have tried to dig down along the edge of the towers and the disks, everyone is either still digging or has given up before finding the bottom.

quicksilver dust
Quicksilver dust can be an issue in large quantities, but is luckily easy to spot from far away. From a distance regions of quicksilver dust appear similar to the reflective desert mirages, up close the ground looks slightly reflective (spot dc 8) An average patch of quicksilver dust patch has about 1/10 oz of quicksilver dust.

Dousing the area with at least a gallon of water renders the quicksilver dust inert until it dries out.

For spells that are not touch or personal, or have a duration longer then instantaneous, there is a 100% spell failure when on quicksilver dust.

A few creatures knowing this effect have begun to collect and eat the dust. Which has the effect of making them more and more immune to all magic and psionics(1% per lb consumed). Creatures that do this develop visible metallic tumors in thier body.

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nations, geography, and polotics

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Re: nations, geography, and polotics
namethe radiant Brotherhood (aka the Radiant)
enemiesanything they determine to be "undead"
statusactively hostile
If someone does not cooperate 100%, and agree 100% with your holy mission to destroy those they define as "undead"; and do so without a moment of hesitation. Then they are are not supporting life, and are defined as "undead". if and must be killed.
  • 90% Ur priest of "The Burning Radiance"
  • 10% blackguard of "The Burning Radiance"
locationthe borders of this region are so battle scared that no vehicle can travel by land, and those that burrow encounter wide fissures that cause the vehicle to plummet to the bottom. the air above the region is defended by a homeguard artillery that has on many occasions repelled the airforces of the council of 12. the homeguard defense is so over vigilant that even the smallest flying insect is shot down the moment it crosses the border.

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Re: nations, geography, and polotics
  • spontaneous casters
  • Baatorians
  • prepared arcane casters
  • divine casters
  • inate casters
statusactive, collectively defensive, individually aggressive
politicsonly the pure blood shall survive
disposition100% spontaneous arcane casters
locationcity of red wall

A nation of mages, though the term nation is used loosely because the nation is a single city.

Vampires avoid the city for good reason, the mages of Redwall use vampire blood as a powerful metameric component. To get these valuable components they are known for draining vampires to the point of de-animation.

the Baatorians are welcomed because the blood of a devil strengthens the bloodlines.

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Re: nations, geography, and polotics
nameCommonwealth of Beasts
  • druids
  • rangers
  • animals
  • magical beasts
statusactive, defensive, openly hostile
politicshumanoids are due for extinction
populationunknown, almost every animal that exists
dispositionall possible classes, most optimize class choice to body type
locationeverywhere there is vegetation

the Commonwealth of Beasts is one of the few powers that has never lost a battle. The nation possesses a fanatical populace that will produce waves of soldiers to defend their borders. it is rare to see an animal outside the borders of the commonwealth unless they are participating in acts of sabotage.

stone burner:
a favored tool of sabotage used by the Commonwealth is the stone burner grenade. it is a potion of extraordinary size, power, and expense, the secrets of its creation are known only to the master alchemists, and alchemist savants deep in the center of the Commonwealth of Beasts. entire cities have been destroyed on the rumor that someone outside the Commonwealth is researching the creation of the weapon.

the great blaze:
Though the world as a whole has mostly recovered from it; many still remember "the great blaze. the great blaze was a coordinated effort by the Commonwealth of Beasts to find and destroy all records, written history, and repositories of magic. in one great blaze the world went up in flames as libraries of history burned alongside every spell book and scroll that could be found. it took nearly 300 years to rebuild the collective spell lists as old spells had to be re-researched and shared.

important Beasts:
The First
Soul-locked Rabbit
druid 10/fighter 10/legendary leader 5
The first is the leader of the beast nation. He is a rabbit that has achieved immortality. he is a leader that seems to know the moves of his enemies even before his enemies do.

the Unans
usually ape/gorilla, often troll bloodline
barbarian 5/ reaping mauler 5/warhulk 10
these are the physical frontline soldiers that come in to tear down buildings and scatter troops. they lack the capacity to plan and are often led by another creature.

the unseen wing
anything capable of flight
originally comprised of eagles, but as the group grew in size smaller birds began to join. they favor dropping things on their target and often from very high altitude.

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Re: nations, geography, and polotics
namecity of Tyrus, and the twin walled nations of Vala and Ciftlik
alliesany that enter their borders
enemiesany that try to exit their borders
statusactive, open (entry) borders, peacefull
politicsall are welcome
dispositionno magic users live in the nation of Vala, magic users are abundant in the nation of Ciftlik
location1,000 miles to the east of Travencaul

Tyrus is the capital of the nation of Valla. Little is known about the city because no one and nothing ever comes out of the nations of Valla and Ciftlik. A massive storm resides over the nation of Valla. Many assume the storm is magic in some way because the vegetation of Valla is massive and always bearing fruit, and because the storm has never dissipated.

A low 3 ft wall surrounds both nations, it is not a physical deterrent to entry.

But the wall prevents those that don't obey the highest law of both nations, by trying to leave.
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Re: nations, geography, and polotics
namethe council of 12
alliesany that "live" a lawful "life"
enemiesno active enemies, though many consider them as enemies
statusactive, patient, diplomatic
politicsthe law of the council
populationover 4 quadrillion
locationnorthern Breathless planes

Originally formed under the Ebon triad, the council grew dissatisfied with life in service to the ebon triad and executed a coup that took over 2,000 years to plan. the council is a lawful evil society that has an undisputed dominion over the breathless planes. They are the absolute authority on undead society, dictating every facet of their daily life.

They possess a focused point of power that keeps the ebon triad out of their lands.

the entire population is a member of the government, which is broken up into 12 tiers. the entire nation uses a version of racial classism and meritocracy to determine who holds each office in government.

demi lichthese are the reason the group is called the council of 12. individually they each possess enough power to wip out entire armies without spilling their tea. they spend much of their time shielding their lands from deity level threats like Viagramuka, the Ebon Triad, the Radiant, and Pandorym. to even be considered for this position in the government you must have already transitioned to demi-lichdom. officers of this rank never move without at least 12 individuals of the rank of dracolich as security.
dracolitchas the title suggests you must be a dracolich (or a living dragon, though no living dragon has for the last 400,000 years) to hold this office. This rank is exclusively personal security for the demilich rank government officials.
lichthese government officials are the ones who dictate the laws of the nation and handle most of the foreign affairs. While powerful in their own way their authority is limited to the writing of laws, and negotiating with other heads of state.
vampire lordwhile the lich rank makes the rules, the vampire lord rank are the ones who put those rules into force. they run all manner of government office (master of coin, master of spies, master of import/export, etc), to mega corporations (mining company, construction, mass transit, etc.)

Vampire lords have also been known to travel as they see fit to directly address threats to the nation controlled by the council of 12.
blood lordMembers of this rank hold a uneasy position in society among the government of the council of 12. They are all living creatures, and most are either trolls of have a strong troll ancestry. Those that hold the rank of blood lord have no authority outside of the enclave that is their gilded cage. A blood lord serves both as a foreign diplomat and as the "state verified pure" food source for all vampiric kind. While far from the only source of food for a vampire they are always pure and untainted by disease.

By law the life of a single blood lord is worth 144 vampires of any rank.

Due to the cost to the government to find, replace, and acquire willing consent of living creatures that qualify to be a Blood lord, they are always paired with a vampire lord who is directly responsible for the continuing life of 12 blood lords.
mummydespite the name, being a mummy is not a requirement to hold this rank. the rank of mummy is held by units of the military that are tasked with domestic defense and local law enforcement (beatcop, national guard)
wraithlike the rank of mummy being a wrath is not a requirement. this rank is held by the standing army that when needed can leave the sovereign lands of the council of 12. they
vampirethis rank is only held vampires that have proven that they don't need to be micromanaged on a day to day baisis. this rank is responsible for raising and training the young undead (including non vampires)
necropolitainthese citizens are responsible enough to not need supervision, but have not proven that they can lead anyone.
thrallthis rank is held by young undead that have proven they can follow orders but are not yet trusted enough to not be supervised
spawnthis rank is held by the very young undead, that need constant supervision
ghoulprison population

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Re: nations, geography, and polotics

they are the builders of super structures like the nexus of planes and the ring worlds. they have not been seen by any creature that still exists. nothing more then their name is known, those that claim or believe other wise are misinformed or lying.

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Re: nations, geography, and polotics
nametribes of Sovaak
  • Commmonwealth of beasts
  • ashbound
  • lycanthropes
enemiesany creature that has or uses magic
statusunknown, sporadic cells in hidding
politicsmagic is the cause of all the problems in the world, it must be exterminated and eradicated
dispositionmostly barbaric and feral creatures,
locationunknown, in hiding

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Re: nations, geography, and polotics
  • tribes of Sovaak
  • lycanthropes
  • nature based magic users
  • unseliee fey
  • Commonwealth of Beasts
  • arcane magic users
  • non-fey inate magic users
  • non-nature based divine magic users
  • psionic creatures
statusrarely seen
politicsonly that which is natural may be permitted to survive
dispositionmostly druid and ranger, some non magic users
locationmostly inside the borders of the Commonwealth of Beasts

the ashbound are the ones that taught the Commonwealth of Beasts how to create the earthworks that channel thier magic across the entire width and breadth of the commonwealth in minutes.
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Re: nations, geography, and polotics
namethe Gregarians
alliespotentially any, but rarely most
enemiespotentially any, but rarely most
politicsA political, removal of threats, quasi mercenary
dispositionalways magic users, usually arcane, always favors illusion, proficient with (shadow)
locationunknown, inaccessible

this group is rairly a long term ally of any group, but they always show up in some way to stand against threats to the world. Gragarians are trained, not born. Some begin as self studied masters, other seem to have been groomed since they were very young.
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Re: nations, geography, and polotics
alliesanyone that makes them money or that can be exploited for the same
enemiesany that refuse to pay for the privilege of bein oppressed
politicsgreed and corruption, stable (capitalist-fascism)
population122 million
dispositionhuman 30 %, elf 30%, dwarf 30%, other (monstrous and "savage" humanoid) 10%
locationon the coast central to multiple trade lines

One of the largest cities outside of the borders of the Council of 12. It sits on a man-made bay that is the largest sea port for over 11,000 miles in either direction. The city is separated into 16 districts, each of which reports to the government district. With each district covering around 11 miles by 17 miles, all 16 districts total over 2992 square miles.

dwarven districthumanoid districtentertainers districtbazaar district
noble districtguards districttravelers districtlamplighter district
government districtspire districtacademy districtartisan district
docks districtwarehouse districtnaval districtelven wetlands

Dwarvan district
as the name suggests only dwarf citizens may enter this district. Any non dwarf is summarily turned away and refused entrance. the gates are enchanted to be able to detect a true dwarf from a facsimile. None have dared test the defenses of the gates. the gates of the district are two colossal stone sculptures of dwarfs warriors their shields are the physical gates. Legend has it that the statures are animate and will crush any that test their defenses.

humanoid district
This is the worst disguised form of racism. the entire district is a prison, the guards patrol the walls but never enter. there is only one way in, and no way out. or at least that is what everyone is told.

entertainers district
this district is outside the walls of Thravencaul but is accepted to be part of the city. the entire district is in a constant state of celebration and debauchery. if you want entertainment, no matter how vanilla, or depraved it can be found her for the right price. The fact it is outside the city allows it to be exempt from the taxation and laws of the city...but is also exempt from the protections of the city.

bazaar district
If it exists and is for sale it can be found here. there is rarely anything unique for same here. for unique things, or more honest shopkeepers you must go into the city and visit the artisan district.
The fact it is outside the city allows it to be exempt from the taxation and laws of the city...but is also exempt from the protections of the city. The residents of this district enjoy the protections of the self appointed minister of coin.

The merchant gate is the only way (by land) to enter the city, the gate is open and manned by guards at all times checking every person and package that comes in. If a person has lost their identification (proof they were born in the shadow of the spire) or the guards have records that indicate the person had died, (citizenship lasts for as long as you live, not after) then the person or creature is turned away by force if necessary. The use of force does not always a physical force, but if a non-citizen kills even a single guard; the government propaganda office will have caught it and streamed it across the city labeling the person as a terrorist. That "terrorist" will soon face an angry mob that will stop at nothing to kill the terrorist. (mob of 1d100 arrives in 1d4 rounds, and increases in size by 1d100% every round)

noble district
If you are wealthy, enjoy bragging about how you cheated someone out of their inheritance...this is where you live.

guards district
its location at the entrance of the humanoid district is not by accident. the entire district is dedicated to maintaining law and order in the city at all costs.

travelers district
if you are an adventurer this is where you eat, sleep, drink and find employment. this district is also used to house the thousands of sailors that come to port everyday.

lamplighter district
this district is mostly palatial estates and embassies of foreign nations. the largest embassy in the district belongs to the council of 12 due to the amount of business they bring through the port.
The fact it is outside the city allows it to be exempt from the taxation and laws of the city...but is also exempt from the protections of the city.

government district
Never in the entirety of written history has there been a more densely packed set of government offices. The entire district is a single building, and within its walls no magic of any kind will function. There is rampant corruption, but the amount of propaganda coming out of the district makes the intentionally under educated masses of the city happy as the masses believe they live in a democratic society, while suffering blindly under a thinly veiled dictatorship. under the illusion that terrorists are at fault for all the problems in the world. the population are encouraged to vent their anger and frustration at individuals and groups the government district identifies as terrorists.

spire district
though the treaty of the spire was the reason the city formed the loss of the gods has left the residents of this district as the main propaganda puppet of the government district.

academy district
if some one thought it was worth teaching, it was or is still taught here. to those willing to lose their mind looking for information among the archives of the district almost any piece of information could theoretically be found. mortal mages have died of old age before finding what they sought as young aspiring magic users.

artisan district
if it can be made and you are willing to pay the price. a craftsman here can be convinced to make it.

docks district
the wide docks and canals of the district are full of giants unloading ships. very few docks use cranes when giants are available. The taverns in the district are specially modified to serve the portions giants need to keep working; the walls of the second or third floors open so that the floor serves as a bar top for barrel size mugs and entire sides of livestock served without plates or utensils.

warehouse district
This district is as the name indicates almost entirely warehouses. The corporate security of the shipping companies that operate in the docks district patrol the district keeping crime to near zero. A feat that even the guards of the guard district can't claim.

naval district
The naval docks here houses, the airship navy, and the ocean going navy. the city has began 10 years ago adding rockships that can move through the earth

elven wetlands
the residents of the elven district, are assumed to be elves. no elf has been seen coming or going from the district. any non elf is found dead within hour of entering the district.

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Re: nations, geography, and polotics
nameBrick and Mortar
statusin hiding
locationin hiding

The Names "Brick" and "Mortar" are not known to many, but almost every creature has seen of used the products they create. they possess a skill with creating magic and psionic items that surpasses any other crafter in the world. some that do know of them, have come to believe they may be Saarakian.