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Thu 10 Dec 2020
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Character Creation and RTJ
Characters begin at Level 12 Gestalt (you level 2 classes at the same time, gaining the special abilities of both, and the better of HD, BAB, Saves, and skill ranks), and Mythic 1.

Attributes: Everyone will start with an 18 and an 8 to assign, and will roll four times to generate their remaining scores. Rolls will be on 4d6 dropping the lowest die. Remember you will have three attribute increases to assign, from levels 4, 8, and 12.

Races: Anything within reason. Monstrous and Very Powerful races are not within reason. I知 also allowing the Frost Fairy from the Paizo boards.

Classes: Official Paizo classes are okay. Please do not excessively multiclass, or take more than 1 prestige class. Rogues should use Unchained, Barbarian/Monk/Summoner can be base or unchained at your preference.

Hit Points: Max on all die rolls, for easy of calculating.

Alignment: Any, but your character must be reasonable enough to work with the group. No backstabbing, major betrayals, or serious PvP.

Feats: Characters gain 1 feat every level instead of every odd level.

Skills: We値l be using background skills from Unchained, but not the two new skills introduced (lore, artistry). Skill unlocks are available as normal to unchained rogues, and anyone who takes the Signature Skill feat.

Mythic: Characters begin with 1 Mythic tier. Although it doesn稚 come into play yet, you will also gain a feat at each Mythic tier.

Starting Equipment: Characters have 140,000gp to spend on starting equipment. This is level 13 starting wealth, since you need equipment to support two classes. Crafting and magic item crafting are allowed, as long as you could craft the item yourself by taking 10.

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Thu 10 Dec 2020
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Character Creation and RTJ
In your RTJ please provide:

Mythic Path:
Build notes: (i.e., what are you trying to accomplish with your build, any notes on mechanics, etc.)
Background: (Include your Mythic ascension.)

I do not turn people away due to the volume of class choices, so feel free to submit what you want to play. If the 5 best RTJ痴 are Oracle//Whatever, then we値l have 5 Oracle//Whatevers. We値l work with it, and you値l have time to modify choices once selected.

I値l be accepting RTJ痴 until noon (Eastern US) on December 17th (1 week), and will make my decisions after the cutoff. After being accepted we値l have about a 2-week period for character creation, collaboration, and fine-tuning. This is a long time, but starting a game in the middle of the holiday season is always a tad risky, so the tentative start date will be Jan 1st.

Looking forward to your applications!