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Thu 10 Dec 2020
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Character Reputation
Please leave a post here stating common knowledge of your character, a general description and current post availability. This will give other players with similar post availability a way to connect, and allow parties to form around those who can make posts at the same rate.

Character Name:
Character Ancestry:
Character Class:
Character Alignment:
Character Description:

Character Reputation:

Post Availability-

Fast: Daily, on site usually
Moderate: Every 2-3 days, on site once a day
Slow: 1-2 a week, on site every few days
Offline: Unable to post

Note: You are not required to reveal everything about your character, but actions in game may affect your reputation, which can only be changed by GM approval. It is possible that your reputation may reveal things about your character that you may not wish or intend to have be common knowledge. Not everything a reputation says about a character may be true or even presently relevant.

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Guardian of Autumn's Harvest
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 Have Pumpkin Head
 Will Travel
Mon 14 Dec 2020
at 03:23
Re: Character Reputation
Character Name: Guardian of Autumn's Harvest (or "Jack" if that's too much of a mouthful)
Character Ancestry: Gourd Leshy
Character Class: Barbarian
Character Alignment: Chaotic Good
Character Description: What do you get when you mix an old dwarven breastplate, a dragon fang, a bottle of half-fermented dragon's blood, random detritus from a potion-maker's garbage pile, and a handful of pumpkin seeds?

Well, the answer was suppose to be nothing, but apparently you get a three-foot tall moppet with a pumpkin for a head, glowing with internal fire.

Character Reputation: None.  He's Brand-spanking new and hasn't "done" anything yet.  Opinions will very depending on whether you think he's cute and harmless or a terrifying abomination unto man and god alike.

He seems friendly though, and interested in helping out around the village.

Post Availability-Moderate to Fast.  I'm on the site regularly, but usually only post when I actually have something to say.  Christmas/Work could slow me down quite a bit though.
Mezzeline Skysight
 Changeling Oracle, 12 posts
Mon 14 Dec 2020
at 04:14
Re: Character Reputation
Character Name: Mezzeline Skysight
Character Ancestry: Changeling
Character Class: Oracle; Cosmos Mystery
Character Alignment: Neutral (Lawful maybe?)
Character Description: Lithe young human looking woman with mismatched colored eyes and long black hair that occasionally moves like its underwater. Easy-going and confident as befits her occupation as a fortune teller.

Character Reputation:
Strange. Between her heterochromatic eyes and a life spent fortune telling, Mezzy comes across a little weird, depending on the day.

Post Availability: Moderate to Fast. Can make at least one post a day currently.

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Aeris Summerdew
 Elven Monk, 13 posts
Mon 14 Dec 2020
at 04:42
Character Reputation
Character Name: Aeris Summerdew
Character Ancestry: Elf (Woodland)
Character Class: Monk
Character Alignment: CG
Character Description: Tall and lithe, Aeris is a vision of the beauty of summer mornings. Her long hair is red as the sky welcoming the new-risen sun. Bluish-white runes traced in the images of flowing branches, leaves, and sun rays adorn her perfect elvish body. Her eyes are blue and bright like the morning, her skin fair as clouds. She moves like that summery breeze, soft and fluttery, with a perfect sense of balance and Elven grace. Aeris is slender but toned, her curves accentuated by flowing monk's garb, her hips rolling with each perfect step. Dew shines in her eyes and upon her hair like stars.

Aeris wears little save what need demands. A blue ribbon sash around her waist, gossamer pants of white that betray just a hint of the long, shapely legs within, simple sandals. About her upper arms she wears white ribbons with wispy trails. Her top is of dark blue cloth, a short athletic tank with broad straps that leaves her midriff bare.

Tattoos adorn Aeris' limbs, depicting elemental manifestations, phoenixes and dragons, and fields of stars.

Character Reputation: Some find Aeris strange, in her rustic yet enlightened ways. She doesn't let much fluster her, cares nothing for material wealth, and goes out of her way to help others. She's known to be quick with a smile and a laugh, and with a quote that always seems cryptically relevant to the situation. Aeris is also a fierce defender of those who cannot defend themselves, opposing evil wherever she finds it.

Post Availability: Fast. Daily.
Vysol Rime-Eyes
 player, 2 posts
Mon 14 Dec 2020
at 05:33
Character Reputation
Character Name: Vysol Rime-Eyes
Character Ancestry: Catfolk (Jungle)
Character Class: Witch
Character Alignment: Neutral of some sort...
Character Description: Hunched and skulking, Vy puts on the outward appearance of a panther playing the part of a hag. Sleek black fur, dark billowing clothing, a cowled hood hiding the majority of her face, and a pair of eyes that look to be nearly frosted over with cataracts. Much of her clothing is etched with violet sigils, runes, and trimming. She has a messy mane of slightly longer fur running from the top of her head between her ears, down her spine like a short mohawk that typically falls to one side or the other. The fur of her mane is all tipped with gray.

Character Reputation: Vy styles herself to be a dealer of fate and trader of favors. Wanting to put up the semblance of a witch out fo children’s stories, she has made it her business to know a little bit about everyone around her and to make their secrets her own. Despite her best efforts to remain aloof and mysterious, but locals know her to be a friendly or even helpful sort of eccentric. She’ll lend aid in exchange for gossip. Help those who need it for little more than a promised favor somewhere down the line. Tell fortunes and entertain guests at her shack for little more than the company they provide and the stories they might share with her. She goes to great lengths to make herself look much older than she really is; to look as menacing and unwelcoming as she can. But most know it to not be for any malicious reason, really. It’s just better for business... probably...

Post Availability- Fast (working two jobs, at least one every day and both more often than not, but I check in pretty consistently) EST. Mornings are bad...
Jessica Darkwood
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Mon 14 Dec 2020
at 05:42
Character Reputation
Character Name: Jessica Darkwood
Character Ancestry: 11 year old human child
Character Class: Evoker(specialist wizard in Evocation)
Character Alignment: Neutral Good
Character Description: Jessica is small for her age standing about an inch taller than four feet. She has long, wavy golden blonde hair, blue eyes, and is fairskinned. Her attire is sturdy clothing of a long sleeved blue shirt, brown pants, a pair of well used but strong boots and a hooded green cloak that partially conceals a backpack. You notice that there is a longbow and quiver of arrows strapped to her back as well.

With an innocent looking face, bright soulful eyes and small stature, one could easily underestimate Jessica for being a sweet looking innocent little girl that seems lost since she is travelling alone. But upon closer inspection one realizes this is not the case. She is too sure of herself, calm and always alert of her surroundings. She may look like a cute little child in her preteen years but she also carries the air of a seasoned traveller

Character Reputation: The first thing someone notices about Jessica is that she is travelling alone. Jessica is a human child, not a halfling. She is too tall and lean and lanky. But for a 'lost' child she behaves like a seasoned traveller, always alert and aware of her surroundings and pretty sure of herself and where she wants to go.

Jessica is a kind and generous person, always trying to help those in need and trying to do as much good in the world as possible. You could say she is one of those heroic adventurers but at a very young age at 11 years old. But this is not what really sets her apart from other children. On one occasion a small town was terrorized by a marauding band of orcs. The town's militia fought back but got unexpected help from Jessica who used spells to help defend the town. Near the end of the battle when a young orc charged Jessica and while she used her spells to hold him back with her spellcasting he kept attempting to attack her forcing her to blast him with gouts of flame from her hands ultimately incinerating him. She left the town right after that but the news of her exploits travelled fast. Now she has garnered unwanted attention being a very young spellcaster.

In her travels she has continued to help those in need and if necessary use her magic to survive, sometimes killing if need be. But in all cases she has killed only in self defense or in the defense of others and now the authorities have started to take notice. Several churches, particularly good aligned ones, are making queries as to her whereabouts and wish to send representatives to talk to her in person. They are worried about her spellcasting ability, given that she is travelling alone and without supervision, and therefore are concerned for her safety and the safety of others even though in most cases evidence indicates that she is a competent spellcaster.

But as it turns out finding this particular child has proven somewhat diffiicult. She is  always on the move and if anything very elusive for some reason. And now several churches have sent out notices to adventuring guilds, hoping to hire any adventurers willing to seek out Jessica and bring her to them....

Posting Availability: Fast

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Talathel Eoleth
 Elven Ranger, 8 posts
Mon 14 Dec 2020
at 07:17
Character Reputation
Character Name: Talathel Eoleth
 Character Ancestry: Elf (Cavern)
 Character Class: Ranger
 Character Alignment: Neutral Good
 Character Description: A tall and thin looking elf, with bright green eyes and black hair. His skin is lightly tanned, and he often wears outdoors clothing, and a large green cloak. He consistently has a blade on his belt and a bow and quiver on his shoulders.

 Character Reputation: A gifted hunter. His wanderings into the nearby woods to hunt for food for the community have earned him a decent income and some measure of respect for his skill.

 Post Availability- Slow to Moderate.
I want to be at moderate but there are times where its just not feasible for me. As an accountant, despite looking for my first job, I may end up really busy in tax season, for example, and might fall to slow with most posts on weekends.
Sani Stormstruck
 player, 48 posts
Tue 15 Dec 2020
at 09:04
Character Reputation
Character Name: Sani Stormstruck
Character Ancestry: Halfling (Half-Elven Halfling?)
Character Class: Storm Druid
Character Alignment: Neutral
Character Description: (See Description?)

Character Reputation: Sani is a local in Fort Damor, fairly well known as the girl who survived getting struck by lightning about fifteen years ago, thanks to the quick attention by the local oracle. She developed a fascination with lightning after the fact, and learned to channel the power of lightning herself. She has put her power to use on occasion with small problems in town, but she can be aloof and unapproachable sometimes, and dismissive or confrontational at others. Despite that, she has a few admirers, though the persistent ones tend to get discouraged through mild electric shock when they agitate her.  She remains friends with the oracle who once saved her life.

Post Availability: Fast to Moderate
Robert Mason
 player, 3 posts
Wed 16 Dec 2020
at 00:21
Character Reputation
Character Name: Robert Mason
Character Ancestry: Human
Character Class: Wizard
Character Alignment: Neutral-Good
Character Description:

Character Reputation:  Roberts family for the most part are locals in Fort Damor.  But he apprenticed to a relative away from Fort Damor.  He came back thinking it would help if there was a wizard to work the surrounding areas if needed.  Robert has no thought of competing with the dwarf.  But instead start a shop dealing in written items.
 player, 2 posts
Wed 16 Dec 2020
at 20:47
Character Reputation
Character Name: Besin
Character Ancestry: Umbral Gnome
Character Class: Witch  (Rune Patron)
Character Alignment: CG
Character Description:
Besin looks fairly normal... for a Gnome... who is also a witch.  She is quick to befriend just about anyone and loves learning.  Especially when it comes to new languages.  Besin wants to learn them all.

Character Reputation:
None yet as she is new to the area.

Post Availability- Moderate to Fast.  It depends on if at work or not.  Some days I cant post, others I could post multiple times.