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Thu 10 Dec 2020
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House Rules
This thread will detail any house rules or changes/additions to the Pathfinder 2e mechanics.
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Thu 10 Dec 2020
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Battle Medicine/Risky Surgery Ruling
I will be allowing risky surgery to apply to battle medicine, to give medic or healing oriented characters a little more power and options behind their abilities.
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Mon 14 Dec 2020
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List of languages and common speakers


Abyssal: Spoken by demons
Aklo: Spoken by evil fey
Arboreal: Spoken by sentient trees and plants
Ancient: Obscure language, origins unknown
Auran: Spoken by air elementals and flying species
Aquan: Spoken by water elementals and sea creatures
Catfolk: Spoken by catfolk
Celestial: Spoken by angels and divine beings
Common: universal language spoken by most sentients, very limited communications ability
Daemonic: Spoken by demons and devils
Draconic: Spoken by dragons
Dwarven: spoken by dwarves
Elder: Spoken by first known civilisation
Elven: Spoken by elves
Gnomish: Spoken by gnomes
Goblin: Spoken by goblins
Halfling: Spoken by halflings
Ignan: spoken by fire elementals
Infernal: spoken by devils
Jotun: Spoken by giants
Kobold: Spoken by kobolds
Leshy: Spoken by leshys'
Necril: Spoken by sentient undead
Orcish: Spoken by orcs
Ratfolk: Spoken by ratfolk
Sylvan: Spoken by fey
Shadowtongue: spoken by shadow creatures
Terran: Spoken by earth elementals
Undercommon: spoken by sub surface dwellers

Druidic: Secret druid language
Sign: sign language/battle sign
Thieves Cant: Code spoken by thieves