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Introduction, Rules & Guidelines.

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Sat 12 Dec 2020
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Introduction, Rules & Guidelines

The Lighthouse is intended as a weird, intense isolation horror story with both personal and cosmic themes. It is likely to contain both beauty and grotesquerie, brutality and tenderness found in strange places. Characters may meet terrible fates in an indifferent universe; do not expect all options presented to be good ones.

The setting: Somewhere off a hallucinatory Nova Scotia of the early 20th century. Geography may be inverted, integrated from multiple sources or invented as per the needs of the story.

Character creation: see below.

Standard Absence Policy:
Characters left unattended for a week with no notice given will be sent to the Land of Over There Somewhere. Characters abandoned for a month will become NPCs.

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The Lens
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Sat 12 Dec 2020
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Re: Rules & Guidelines

Dread is © Epidiah Ravachol of The Impossible Dream studios. The central idea is that a story is told, and significant decisions made by the players result in drawing pieces from a Jenga tower, pile of sticks etc. Should you collapse the tower, your character is out - fled, dead, insane or otherwise removed from the scenario.

Should this happen, the GM will tell you what to do next.

Ironically, we're recreating this famously ingenious diceless game in online format with pretend dice:

- We start by rolling a d54 for draws.

- Any roll in the lower half (27 or lower in this case) takes 2 off the dice total (next roll is d52 etc.).

- A 1 is a tower collapse.

- The tower resets (d54) and the GM draws a number of times equal to players less than 5. (the GM reserves the right to 'rebuild' a shorter tower if dramatically appropriate.)

That's it!

Content Guidelines:

As a rough guide, here are the approximate levels of concern categories as defined by the BBFC:
Discrimination: Historically appropriate and/or visibly disapproved of.
Drugs: Drug & alcohol use or addiction should not be presented as glamourous or described in sufficient detail for real-life imitation.
Sex: if anyone manages to find time/someone(/thing) up for any, please keep it off-camera and/or summarised in the manner of emotional/psychological reaction, with no physical detail given. Sexual violence is banned, and its existence should be alluded to with maturity and sensitivity should that prove necessary.
Swearing: Not limited, but please be creative. Long elaborate curses encouraged.
Violence:Some moderate and occasional extreme violence may occur, the latter off-camera and/or without precise detail, as for Sex, above.
Nudity: Nudity should not be objectifying, intensely detailed or deliberately prolonged. Fair warning that monsters with vaguely human-like traits may or may not be equipped with clothing-like manifestations.

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The Lens
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Sun 13 Dec 2020
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Re: Rules & Guidelines : Character creation

Please supply a character name and the answers to these questions as your RTJ. Detail is appreciated: try to establish why these answers are so if possible.

1. What d'ye want with being a wickie? (or are you a relative/spouse of a keeper/local help temporarily stuck out here?)

2. Can people tell your character's approximate age by looking? Do folk tend to guess high or low?

3. Where was this person born, and do they consider that area 'home'?

4. What would friends consider this character's best trait?

5. The worst thing anyone knows your character has done.

6. The worst thing people don't know your character has done.

7. What is their attitude to the sea?

8. If supplies ran out entirely, what would this character first attempt to eat? ...and if there was none of that? ...and none of that either?

9. What's this character's attitude to forgiveness (giving or getting)?

10. Pick three Deadly Sins (or other one-word flaws) most likely to be at work within your character at any given time.

11. Is this the most physically fit the character has been?

12. Is there a (folk)tale or anecdote that has always stuck with this character?

13. Is suffering excessive heat better or worse than suffering excessive cold?

14. Has this person ever broken a bone or suffered a similar major wound?

15. Have they ever seen a corpse? Whose?

16. Any past or existing habits/compulsions that feel beyond their control?

17. Any less conscious tics and habits?

18. Have they ever had a recurring dream?

19. What is this character's worst fear?

20. What is the worst thing they'd do to stay alive?
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