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Wed 6 Jan 2021
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The Myriad Planes of Existance
Now, if one wants to add to this growing list, feel free in the OOC. I will actually offer a cliffnotes description of some of these later. For now, enjoy your list of Planes that those of you who took Knowledge: The Planes should know.

Material Plane (this is where you are)
Immaterial Plane
Evil-Universe Material Plane aka The Elemental Plane of Goatees
Ethereal Plane
Plane of Shadow
Plane of Transhuman Space
Plane Vanilla
The Elemental Plane of Helium
The Elemental Plane of Snot
The Elemental Plane of Strawberry Milkshakes
The Elemental Plane of Falling Pianos
The Elemental Plane of Tube Socks
The Elemental Plane of Cheddar

Penny Arcadia
The Seven-Eleven Heavens
Mount Olympia Dukakis
Gehentai (Rule 1: We do not talk about Gehentai. Rule 2: We just agreed not to talk about it.)

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Thu 7 Jan 2021
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The Myriad Planes of Existance
Oh, and while this is not directly related to the above - languages spoken.

Now, obviously you have your Common, Dwarven, Elven, Halfling, Gnome, and Orc - but there are many other languages, some of which will be familiar, and others not so much.

For example:

Anticommon - If two people say the exact same thing at the same time in Common and Anticommon, both of them are jinxed and mute until someone says their name three times.
Quaintly Antiquated Common - Spoken by The Dead Sea Trolls.
Spanish - Spoken by Pinatas and Tequila Mockingbirds.
Japanese - Spoken by Cat Girls and Plutonium Dragons.
Dutch - The universal language of love.
French - The universal language of lust.
Blarney - The universal language of Blarney.
Strine - From down under.
L33T - Spoken by Net Trolls and Geeks.
Technobabble - Spoken by engineers.
Crazy Moon-Talk - Spoken by Moon Maidens.
Shnork - Spoken by Noses and Snot Elementals.
Venusian - Spoken by Amazons.
Martian - Spoken by Chauvinist Pigs.
Legelese - Spoken by Lawyers and Insurance Salesmen.
Reindeer - Spoken by Reindeer, right on the tin, there.
Squeak - The language of rats and similar beings.
Spoon - Spoken by Giant Cockroaches.
Harpo - Spoken by Harpies.
Kamen - Spoken by really ancient cultures.
Cornpone - Spoken by Resident Weevils.
Evil -'s Evil.
Squeeble - Spoken by the invincible diamond faeries, which don't even exist in this campaign.