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Thu 17 Dec 2020
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Who's who, in a nutshell
The Darkest Deck - The titular character, and literally a sentient deck of cards. Has his own thread. Likely to wind up the antagonist in the long run, but for now, it is on your side.

The Elder Darkest - Officially, your GM. Within the game, a reference to the oldest existing member of the Darkest family line. Killing this one is the harder way to express displeasure towards the way I run the game, although the message will be acquired if successful.

Bob, the Caretaker - He basically runs things while the Darkest Heir is gone, although he will follow any order given of him loyally, if given by the Darkest Heir. To anyone else, he's friendly enough, if weird, and will usually try to help them out if he can.
    For the record, stabbing Bob to death is the surest way to let me, the GM, know you would like to run the game. You could have just asked, though, rather than stabbing my leveled down DMPC to death. It is also quite the statement of dissatisfaction, and you'll find it is easier than it normally is to do this sort of thing - mine isn't an indestructible god of death.
    He not only takes care of the paperwork, he also runs the graveyard and personally recruits new people coming into town as the stage coach, putting him in charge of transportation as well. The Old Road is his to maintain, and despite the goblins, kobolds, and other horrors of the wild, he has managed to make... a road, even if it isn't a good one.

Ben, The Crier - The big guy is in charge of yelling the news every afternoon, and stubbornly resists the urge to switch to print, happily telling you how literacy is ultimately going to lead to the mental degradation of society and how oral retellings have more soul then ink on paper. Generally goes to most places either to drink up or go to sleep when he's not yelling the news, even if those places aren't for sleeping or drinking.

Bourbon, The Barkeep - The large orc used to be a raider, but he's opted for settling down here. His was the last of three bars to stay in business, mostly because he's better at killing goblins and kobolds than the other two were. He also runs the gambling hall and the massage parlor.
    That's literally all it is. Being what you think it is will change my game's rating. Think of the children!

Zan, The Smith - The burly dwarf who crafts weapons, armor, and pretty much anything in town that involves metal, stone, wood, or leather. He's basically The Hamlet, for purposes of raw material conversion.

Ecks, The Guildmaster - Half human, half elf, all charm and affability, she's the lead contractor in the town and has dozens of connections outside of The Hamlet. Bob has been unsuccessful at retaining people, but that is because there is little money here. Perhaps if the party were to spread loot money around, though...

Wy, The Right Hand - The rude gnome has no time for anything, because there is so much to do simply helping Bob stop the town from further falling apart. He's been busy lately preparing everything for the return of the Darkest Heir, and he's trying to repair the roads so that carriages can survive Bob's crazy driving.

Dora, The Drifter - The halfling girl from the far south has explored many places. While her partner is currently off chasing treasure in some far off place, she finds the time to roll by here once a week and offload some of the treasure she has received from her many, many adventures.

Bob, The Caregiver - An elf, and not to be confused with Bob. She runs the sanitarium here, and has a rivalry with Bob, not merely because of their names, but because he tends to take sick people to the graveyard first because and I quote him, "This is just faster." How true that is depends on her medical stock and her concern for general life that day.

Ted Bear, The Survivalist - He is a bearwolf, in that every full moon, they turn into a bear with the traits of a wolf. You'd think this would be a power-up letdown, but rather like the owlbear, somehow it just makes him worse. He tries to stay away from most, but since he's the resident expert on every place outside of The Hamlet, he has a niche. Or one could just talk to Bourbon, Myrtle, or Caretaker Bob.

Myrtle, the Begger - She seems to know everything, every time a full moon comes, she flees the town, swearing the "were" is coming. Oddly, they do not seem to be referring to Ted Bear, even though they try to avoid that one and generally vice versa.

The people here moved out some time ago. Perhaps, though, with some heroics, passably heroics, or even heroic things that happened that you were just nearby for, they might be persuaded to return...

The Sculptor - Unknown

The Banker - Unknown

The Cartographer - Diego, Unknown

The Quartermaster - Unknown

The Puppeteer - Unknown, but probably sinister, and not the left handed kind, either

The Vintner - Unknown, but very important if you have high class tastes

The Butcher - Unknown

Trusty - Unknown, but totally trustworthy

Radiant - Unknown, but probably not evil

Warden - Unknown, but probably a pushover

Occul - Unknown, but his name is weird

The Clown - RUN

Lupus - Unknown, but he's probably not a werewolf

Miller - Unknown, but he's a miller

Geo - Unknown, but they are totally into rocks

Little Timmy - Unknown, but they always seem to get stuck in the well

Appleseed - Unknown, but they really dig apples

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 Ruin has come to
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Thu 17 Dec 2020
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Who's who, in a nutshell
Dia de Muertos - Halfling Necromancer; The Darkest Heir, drew The Jester, Deck Disposition 12/Indifferent

Derrick Goldbright - Human Theurge; Locked in a Box, Deck Disposition 10/Indifferent

Robin - Fey'ri Blademaster; Deck Disposition 11/Indifferent

Jarnbrautarlest - Half-Human/Golem Dungeoncrasher; drew The Fool, Deck Disposition 20/Helpful

Durque - Half-Green Dragon/Troll; Deck Disposition 10/Indifferent

Olivia Satterwhite - Human Wizard; Deck Disposition 11/Indifferent

Bang Ironson - Goliath Mummy; Deck Disposition 10/Indifferent

Quil'Fank - Nezumi Conjurer; Deck Disposition 11/Indifferent

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