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Tue 29 Dec 2020
at 18:40
OOC Subpost - The Drawing
All of you are here because each of you brought one missing card to the Darkest Deck. This may end up being a prologue adventure about rescuing you from your own fortune.

Derrick - He has brought The Key. Once he is finished with his item purchases, he will get one weapon of his choice for himself, pretty much anything short of an artifact.

Dia - He has brought The Balance. Dia has a quest to advance the agenda of the Church of the Invincible, help establish a chapter for them in The Hamlet, and to close the Tavern down.

Jarnbrautarlest - He has brought The Euryale. He is cursed with a -1 penalty to all saves. A church could ask their deity to remove it, but before that can be attempted, Jarnbrautarlest must roll at least one natural 20 on his saving throws, in a situation with stakes. He also pulled The Fool, meaning the next 10000 experience points will be absolutely wasted and it forced him to draw again, and The Moon, which gives him three Wishes right now.

Robin - She has brought The Knight. A fellow LV4 Fey'ri Knight who happens to also be Neutral Good has joined her quest for her own reasons.

Now, as of this posting, Derrick, Dia, and Robin are tied for Darkest Heir, with Jarn being the only one who has to peel an extra card to stay in the running, meaning everyone has brought one card minimum.

So, this means the following choices, ideally made to me in a Private Message (nothing stops you from being public, but it is funnier if we don't know):

1) You cut your losses/settle for your gains, and step out of the running for Darkest Heir. You've done your part, willing or unwilling, to rebuild the Darkest Deck.

2) Do it again. Even if you are the last person, you brought one more.

If two or more are tied, and both knowingly or unknowingly refuse to step back, it turns out you brought more cards for the deck. Right now, we've eliminated four cards out of twenty-two. So, the opening of this game is mathematically reducible to Russian Roulette.

When all four of you have responded, publically or privately, we will draw again. You may ask questions here, of course.

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Wed 30 Dec 2020
at 03:14
OOC Subpost - The Drawing
So, Jarnbrautarlest has drawn again to keep himself in the running, and he made three wishes using The Moon.

Wish 1) I want to be mutual friends with the Darkest Deck.
Result) You cheeky abomination of magitek! It now likes you so much, that unless someone else brought five cards, you are in the running for Darkest Heir and is even "Helpful" to you... unless, of course, someone draws some kind of card that arbitrarily puts THEM in the lead for being the Heir.

Wish 2) I want to bypass the XP limits of the Fool and be done with it.
Result) Done. I am creating the adventure now.

Wish 3) I want to pay off my debt to the artificer who rebuilt me.
Result) Done. He's pleased as punch.

RESULT) So, we may not need to be in the running anymore... unless you guys actually want to try to overcome him. Tell me through a PM.
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Wed 30 Dec 2020
at 04:17
OOC Subpost - The Drawing
Robin is unique in being sane, having drawn only The Star since and stopping there.

Dia and Derrick are both insane.

Derrick's fortune is unfortunate and swift, drawing The Void first, meaning that his body is comatose and his mind is imprisoned on another plane of existence. The characters must find the object in which his psyche is imprisoned. The prison is on another plane, and the characters must journey to that plane, find the object containing his psyche and recover it, and then break the object to release his psyche. Once the prison object is broken, he is no longer unconscious.

He will be playing Olivia, trying to rescue himself. She is not in the running for the Darkest Heir.

Dia, on the other hand, had some rather swingy fortune, drawing in this order:

The Jester (cashing in for 10K experience), The Throne, The Flames, The Ruin (destroying the keep he got from The Throne), The Idiot, and he chose to draw one more, which was The Skull.

So he starts at -1 HP, but Jarn would have to draw two cards to wrest the title of Darkest Heir from him.

The only question is if he will...
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Wed 30 Dec 2020
at 04:35
OOC Subpost - The Drawing
Jarnbrautarlest has conceded.

Dia de Muertos is The Darkest Heir, and also dying. Hooray!

So, we have a few plot threads:

The biggest one is the quest to rescue Derrick. You will have to find out where he is, and I will provide the hook for that.

Another is Jarn's quest to cure his curse. He needs both the approval of a deity and to make lots and lots of saves. His wish to bypass The Fool will be a Schrodinger's wish that will be in whatever quest you take.

Dia not only needs to close down The Hamlet's tavern, but he also needs to make lots of bad trivia attempts in dangerous situations until he passes, and can heal his diminished mind. He has also angered something from the Outer Planes. He knows what he did. Also, he'll need to be healed right off, which has a wrinkle to it, and salvage his wealth. Dia's a busy boy.

Robin is the only one with no quests, beyond dealing with the Darkest Deck, on whatever terms she wishes.

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