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Thu 17 Dec 2020
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Wushu System Rules
Wushu is a free system that allows you to play cinematic games in a frenetic style that really does work well on RPOL. It can be found here

Scroll of the Fist is an adaptation of the rules (designed with 2nd Edition in mins). It is a little outdated in terms of the relative power levels between the different exalted. HOWEVER, this won't really concern us as we're playing a Dragon-Blooded chronicle.

What follows is 'my version' of what an Exigent Exalted might look like in the system.

Keywords: <Perview> <Mission>
Special Qualities: Chosen of the Gods;
Exigents are given a portion of a god's vital essence, often requiring the utter sacrifice of the god's own existence to create. Exigent are granted a perview, an area that is reflected by the Gd's function before it was consumed by divine fire. Such things might include plants, rivers, winds or more ephemeral things such as love, authority, murder and the like. Exigents are also tasked with a mission or function that the sacrificing god wished of them, expressed in simple terms. 'Protect the land', 'Slay the invaders', or 'spread love' might all be examples of such missions.

An Exigent's essence begins at 3.