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Sat 19 Dec 2020
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Game Rules
This is free-form, with myself serving as the arbiter of the outcomes of all attempted actions that could plausibly fail.  You, the player, will write an intention.  I, the game master, will write what the outcome was.  Because I like to be surprised by narratives, if it's something that seems heavily affected by random inputs or a choice where both failure and success will lead to interesting stories, I'll gin up a rough guess as to how probable something is and roll a quick percentile die.  I will sometimes let you know about this, particularly if it's something I deem extremely unlikely or hazardous and you might want to reconsider your choice.

Here are the other rules:

1) This is a horror game, but outside of that it is a safe space.  There will be no bullying, and no inappropriate or derogatory remarks regarding anyone's race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, physical traits, gender or identity.  Respect others and abide by their requests on such matters.  Failure to comply will result in your removal.

2) The Big Red Button: If something happens in the game and you cannot handle/deal with/accept it, post to the Red Button and we will stop the game and resolve the concern as best can be done with consensus.  This applies to activity from other players as well; we all have the veto, and there will be no recriminations, snark, questioning, or shame in speaking up.

3) I will mark any potentially upsetting scenes.  There may be violence, blood, and dread or horror both physical and existential.  If you join the game, you are expected to make good faith efforts to participate, but I don't want to spring anything on someone unprepared.

4) No explicit sex, please.  I'm just not interested in moderating that sort of content and it's very much not a focus of the game.  Enjoy what you enjoy, by all means, but if you're looking for that here, this won't be it.  Flirting, relationships, etc., all fine, but take it to private messages if you just gotta keep filming instead of fading to black.

5) I myself am prone to flakiness and I understand sometimes not having time/energy to post.  Try to keep up at least two or three times per week.  If slow play becomes a problem, I will attempt to resolve it, but the resolution may be "It's probably better if we make this one an NPC going forward."