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Creation of Life (DM Notes)
Storyline notes

1. Etsuko Pabok returned to his village from the barbarian lands,four months ago. Everyone knew he was different, constantly brooding about.  As quickly as he returned, he disappeared once again.

Winter was coming to an end with the melting snow flowing down hill to the various creeks in the land.  The land beginning to thaw created a slippery, mushy, and wet street in every village. The early signs of spring were starting to appear, bees busy investigating the various flowers in early bloom.

You were performing your duties as village deputy, walking the rounds and ensuring things were in order.  You were filling the magistrate's position while the actual office holder was in the Imperial city.  The commoners of the village began their morning routines of feeding the livestock and preparing the morning meal.  The cherry blossom trees had a few early blooms which provided a sweet aroma to brighten the chilly morning.

An unusual sight emerged as you approached the magistrate's office, a peasant sitting on the steps looking distressed. The older man in his 60s, with a straw hat covering a wrinkled face and dirty white beard.  He wore a dirty gray tunic with a weather beaten off white wrap to keep warm.

2. Children from surrounding villages have been abducted. Tracks lead to the Crypt of Totsu Yakimatsu (a notorious shugenja from 2 centuries ago).  The is an eerie darkness surrounding the area. There are a lot of creaks and moaning of old rusty hinges.  The vegetation around the area is dead contributing to the inauspicious environment.  Dead leaves cover the stone walkway leading to the crypt and the exposed entrance is dark and empty.   ((Skeletons, Zombies, W a 6th level Shaman (Grave Domain).

Pabok, Etsuko Maho-Tsukai
S 10   D 14 (+2)  C  14 (+2)  I 10  W 20 (+5) C 14 (+2)
Class: Shaman (Maho)
Level; 6th
HPs: 48
AC:      12+2
BAB; +4
Saves; CON   +2  REF +2   WIL +5

BH Combat Casting
1  Spell Focus (Necromancy) [+1 To save DC]
3  Empower Spell    [Numeric spells increase by half]
B4 Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy) [+1 to Save DC]

Domain; Grave-x1/Day Death Touch

0 Level; 5

1st lvl: 4    [18]
Blood Rite [1 pt blood to heal 1D4 HPs or boost attribute +1]
Cobra's Breath [Spit 10' cone Poison 1 CON damage.]
Summon Undead Champion [Summons a Zombie]
Domain; Ghost Light

2nd lvl: 4     [19]

Apparition [targets face looks terrifying viewers become shaken]
Desecrate [Fills area with negative energy; makes undead stronger.]
Death Knell [Kills dying creature; heal 1D8 temp HPs, +2 STR, +1 Level]
Spectral Hands [Hand delivers touch attacks]
Ghoul Touch
Kiss of the Toad [Touch causes 1D3 Con Damage]
Summon Swarm

Domain; Death's Knell

3rd level: 3    [20]

Animate Dead.
Bestow Curse
The Caress of Fu Leng [corrupts Jade items up to 20 lbs]
Dark Wings [Caster gains wings to fly]
Halt Undead
Hate's Heart [Inspires hatred in one target]
Vampiric Touch

Domain; Animate Dead  [Controls 24 HD of Skeletons and Zombies/Empowered 36]

Onyx gems (25 GP/ea) burnt out shells



Pabok, Etsuko   (m)

Eiko, Nobuyuki  (f)

Fa Ying, Hideyo (f)

Akiko, Hitaishi (f)

Kakanda, Fujita (m)

Kiyoshi, Masakura (m)


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Creation of Life (DM Notes)
3. A local official is having a birthday celebration for his 12 year old daughter. He invites the characters to join.  Also at the party are a city official from Urugi (Dragon), a Samurai from Kawanuma (Dragon), an aristocrat from Shimamaki (Imperial Family), a merchant from Miyada (Crab clan), and a musician from Shingo (Scorpion).

Presents; Blue pottery jewelry container (Urugi/safe), Red silk kimono (from Shingo/safe), Blue and Green tea set (Kawanuma/danger), A Geisha music box (aristocrat/safe), and a box of 3 Jade pieces.

As the group begins to leave the party, a large explosion in the main room where the party was held.  Thick black smoke billows through the house with sorrowful screams and crying inside.
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Creation of Life (DM Notes)
Name  :                         Gender:
Player:                         Height:              MAX HP:
Race  :                         Weight:              CUR HP:
Class :                         Age   :              Subdue:
Level :                         Hair  :
Align :                         Eyes  :
Deity :                         Hand  :              XP    :
Size  :                         Speed :    ft        Need  :
        SCORE    MOD    SCORE    MOD      Gear/Stat Adjustments
STR   :  17  :       :       :       :
DEX   :  14  :       :       :       :
CON   :  18  :       :       :       :
INT   :  11  :       :       :       :
WIS   :  17  :       :       :       :
CHA   :  15  :       :       :       :
Total       Armour  Shield  Dex  Size  Misc
AC    :      =     +       +       +    +     +
            Fight Defensively
            Full Defense

        Total        Dex     Misc
Init  :       =

Base Attack Bonus:

Base Attack Bonus (Melee) :
Base Attack Bonus (Ranged):
SAVES   Total   Base  Ability  Magic  Misc
Fort  :
Refl  :
Will  :

Racial (All including Stats Adjustments):


Special Abilities (All):

SKILLS                        Attribute     Ranks     Misc.      Total
C Appraise                    Int
C Balance                     Dex
C Bluff                       Cha
C Climb                       Str
X Concentration               Con
C Craft                       Int
C Decipher Script             Int
C Diplomacy                   Cha
C Disable Device              Int
C Disguise                    Cha
C Escape Artist               Dex
C Forgery                     Int
C Gather Information          Cha
X Handle Animal               Wis
X Heal                        Wis
C Hide                        Dex
C Intimidate                  Cha
C Jump                        Str
X Knowledge Arcana            Int
X Knowledge Architecture      Int
X Knowledge Dungeoneering     Int
X Knowledge Geography         Int
X Knowledge History           Int
C Knowledge Local             Int
X Knowledge Nature            Int
X Knowledge Nobility          Int
X Knowledge Religion          Int
X Knowledge Planes            Int
C Listen                      Wis
C Move Silently               Dex
C Open Lock                   Dex
C Perform                     Cha
C Profession                  Wis
X Ride                        Dex
C Search                      Int
C Sense Motive                Wis
C Sleight Of Hand             Dex
X Speak Language              Int
X Spellcraft                  Int
C Spot                        Wis
X Survival                    Wis
C Swim                        Str
C Tumble                      Dex
C Use Magic Device            Cha
C Use Rope                    Dex
                          TAB     DAM     CRIT     RNG    WGHT  SIZE  TYPE

ARMOR                     ARMOR  CHECK    MAX  SPELL

EQUIPMENT (*IF you have a horse, list the items carried on it seperatly)
Include Costs as well.

              TOTAL WGHT:



DESCRIPTION (Character Looks/Racial Mods)

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