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Rules and Explanations
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Rules and Explanations

Saves work very simply in this game. You are forced into a Saving Throw when your character is at risk of harm by an attack or spell that can be Saved. When an attack or Spell is Saved, it is negated.

After your assailant roles their damage roll, to Save their attack, you must roll the same set of dice they did, and exceed their roll.

For example, if a Mage uses Splash Poison Level 1 on you and they rolled an 8, you must roll a 9, 10, 11, or 12 to Save.

Each Character (including NPCs) have two Proficient Save types. For example, most Mages will have an Int and Wis proficiency. When you have an applicable Proficient Save type, you roll two times the amount of dice your assailant did. Your goal is still to exceed their roll.

Status Effects
Level 1: Fear
Level 2: Horror
Level 3: Despair

On Fear: Enemy can Save. On effect, Enemy will attempt to get away from Caster using locomotion or spells. Enemy will return after Fear is over.

On Horror: Enemy can Save (Difficult). On effect, Enemy will attempt to get away from Caster using locomotion or spells. Enemy will not return after Horror is over.

On Despair: Enemy can Save (Almost Impossible). On effect, Enemy will lie on the ground motionless, however will sometimes cry. After effect, Status devolves into Horror.

Level 1: Slow
Level 2: Hold
Level 3: Freeze
Level 3+: Petrify

On Slow: Enemy can Save. On effect, Enemy will move half as fast as they did before they were affected by this Effect.

On Hold: Enemy can save (Difficult). On Effect, Enemy cannot move any distance, but can still attack and defend themselves.

On Freeze: Enemy can save (Very Difficult). On Effect, Enemy will be frozen solid and unable to move at all, however they are still conscious.

On Petrify: Enemy cannot Save. On Effect, Enemy will be turned to stone and will be unconscious. If they are Petrified for more than a day, they will die.

Level 1: Incoherent
Level 2: Silenced
Level 3: Unconscious

On Incoherence: Enemy can Save. On Effect, enemy cannot speak any meaningful words in any language they know.

On Silenced: Enemy cannot make any vocalisations at all.

Unconscious: Enemy cannot speak, think, or move.

Morale Break:
Creatures under 50% HP who suffer a sudden source of damage, fear, or morale infliction may be Morale Broken, sometimes simply called Broken. Creatures who are Broken are inflicted with Horror and Incoherence, and will stop at nothing to escape from the source of their damage. Upon escape, Broken creatures suffer a -5 Morale debuff until they rest. Creatures who re-encounter the source of their Morale Break have increased chances to suffer from negative infliction, and decreased chances to receive positive benefits.

The only way to fully recover from a Morale Break is to engage in specific activities to help the afflicted creature morally stabalise. For example, religious characters may Pray, which has a chance to remove all lingering effects of a Break. A Morale Break cannot be Saved. If a creature is forced back into the presence of a creature or object which has Broken them (such as by way of teleportation or blocking their path), have a chance to receive a Heart Attack, which will instantly Kill or inflict them with Unconscious.

Characters who die from a Heart Attack cannot be resurrected.

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