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House Rules
Level Advancement: I will be doing this by Milestone. However Experience Points will be given as well. You start with 3,250 exp.. That's half your level in experience points

Death: Be warned I wont save you from death. It can happen. So make smart choices and think ahead. I don't pull blows unless its because I miscalculated something in the encounter.

Rolls: If you think you need it, roll it. I wont always tell you where to do a roll.

Healing Potions: When used you can take half the max as a set value or you can roll and take what you get. Example: for 1d4+1 at a set value you'd get 3 hp. 2 for half of a d4 and then add the +1. Or you can roll 1d4+1 and get between 2 and 5 hp.

Critical Hits: I run these as normal with one slight difference. You can roll a second d20 (no mods). If you meet or beat the targets AC on that roll you deal max damage.

Crafting: If you have the skills and materials you can craft any item. This includes specialized items. (ie a potion chamber in a sword hilt)

Magical Items are handled a bit different. Anyone with the required knowledge can craft magical items.

1: You must have the ingredients. These include any special material, spell components ect. These can be bought or gathered. Though not all can easily be bought.

2: You'll need to develop a recipe for the item that you intend to craft. (Ie work with the DM). So you can have two different recipes for a +1 long bow.

3: You will need Experience Points to Craft Magical items. These are used in the items creation and can be earned and replenished though the course of the game.

4: You will need to roll a check involving the tools needed to create the item. (ie smiths tools, carpenters tools, ect) As well as an Arcana, Nature, or Religion Check to infuse the magic into the item. You can make these checks twice in a 24 hour period.

5: Items will take time to make. How long will depend on the recipe being used. The rarity of the item and the cost of the components used in its making.

6: At the end of Crafting the DM will tell you how well you made the item and any advantages or disadvantages that resulted during the crafting process.

Guns: Yes they are around. However they are not common items and cost a fair bit. If your interested in them let me know.

Additional Training: You can do additional training as part of your down time. This can be to gain tool proficiencies, languages, armor or weapon proficiency, or even to learn a cantrip (or for a spell caster, a level spell they can cast). Costs and time to learn will vary based on the skill.

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House Rules
Ancient Tablet

Wonderous Item, Upgradable: uncommon(+1) (requires attunement by an artificer)

This compact tablet made of unusual materials is about eight inches long, four inches wide, and half an inch thick, with an uneven, sturdily-framed structure with a design that allows it to be held easily in hand or to be fastened to a properly-designed bracer. It functions as an arcane focus for Artificer spells, adding a +1 to spell attack rolls and spell DC, and it can serve as the arcane firearm for an Artillerist .

As an action, you can focus on the tool to channel your creative forces. Choose a cantrip that you don't know from any class list. For 8 hours, you can cast that cantrip, and it counts as an artificer cantrip for you. Once this property is used, it can't be used again until the next dawn.

The tablet can project fields of faintly glowing force, capable of replicating the form and function of artisans' tools which you are proficient with, though these temporary tools only grant half of your proficiency bonus on relevant checks (rounded up).

The tablet can also interact with the use of the magical tinkering class feature, having access to an internal ability to remember and manifest visual displays and sounds. It can save and capture images (including maps drawn with cartography tools, or images of something the user can see), longer segments of text, audio recordings, or even brief snippets of visual and audio data. The device surely has some storage limit, but can hold at least as much written information as a large spellbook. These 'magical tinkering' effects don't count against the number of magical tinkering effects that can be applied to other items. Sifting through the information can be done as an action or bonus action by the attuned user of the tablet.

The device has several discovered but inactive functions, including a translation function, an ability to interface with other devices such as clockwork familiars, and an active map feature. Technical upgrades can potentially unlock or improve this tablet's function. Other functions may either be undiscovered or potentially installed into the device by a skilled owner.
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House Rules
Combat Tracker. Please change it as you need to suit your character.

Initiative: 17
Talia Combat Tracker
ResourcesVitalsHit Dice5d10Saves
[ ]Action SurgeAC18Dex+1
[ ]Second WindDeathSuccessFailureCon+4
[x] [ ] [ ]Giant's MightSaves[ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] [ ]Int+1
[ ]Fire Rune (DC 13)P.Perception14Wis+1
[ ]Stone Rune (DC 13)P.Investigation11Cha+1
 P.Insight1914 w/o Advantage

Senses: Darkvision 120 ft (60 ft w/o Stone Rune)
Languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan, Dwarven, Giant, Draconic

Conditions & Active Effects
Temp HP: 5
Bardic Inspiration: +d6 (10 minutes)
Giant's Might: Rounds [][][][][][][][][][]: Large Size, Advantage on Str Checks/Saves, 1/turn an attack deals 1d6 extra damage