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Story Setting and Idea
The world is set in the Kingdom of Athula and focuses principally around the order of wizards and sorcerers that answer the crown.

(Almost) All wizards within Athula come from the order who have the facility to train and support magical endeavours. They're also provisioned the freedom to express magical actions from the Crown - though in reality (everyone knows) this is accepted by the crown simply because magic is too prevalent and powerful to fully suppress in any meaningful way. "Control not Suppress" is the mantra.

The game takes place with each character being a member of the magical order known as The Singers. Wizards of the orders are generally referred to as "Stars", ironically by most people as they're considered to be shining examples of people but each division within the order has an array of nicknames that describe their colour, or role, or something about them.
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Story Setting and Idea
Order and Divisions

The order of mages is the predominant magical force within the kingdom of Athula. There are a total of thirteen (13) divisions that are organised into their own hierarchy and answer to the master of each division.

Specialisations occur within the divisions but are not necessarily required, and each division organises itself based on their own requirements.

Division 1 - Command - White
Division 2 - Special Operations
Division 4 - Medicine/Health
Division 11/6 - War/Soldiery
Division 12 - Research/Engineering
Division 13 - Occult

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