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Wed 6 Jan 2021
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Criminal Records
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Criminal Records
Diana Silvermoon, Cyber-Knight (10/165)

Attributes [36]
Str -1
Sta 0
Fgt 0
Dex 0
Agl 2
Int 5
Awa 12
Pre 0

Defenses [8]
Parry */2/7
Dodge */2/7
Tou */+8/+13
Fort 6/6
Wil 2/14

Skills [17]
Expertise (Underworld) 6 (+11)
Insight 3 (+15)
Investigation 5 (+10)
Perception 3 (+15)
Technology 15 (+20)
Treatment 1 (+6)
Vehicles 1 (+1)

Advantages [8]
Eidetic Memory
Improved Initiative 2
Luck 2
Equipment 1 (Computer, Comlink, Cell Phone, GPS, Multitool)

Powers [81]
Quickness (Mental Only) 8  [4]
Implanted Force Projection Matrix:  Enhanced Parry 2, Protection 8, Flight 1 (Continual +1), Move Object 1 (Precise, Perception, Subtle, Damaging) [19]
Rocket Horse: Flight 10, Platform, Removable -2 [8]
Helmet: Immunity 2 (Suffocation), Senses 3 (Darkvision, Radio, Extended Sight), Comprehend 2 (Machines), Removable [8]
Armor: Protection 5, Immunity 3 (Radiation, Heat, Cold), Enhanced Str 6, Removable [16]
Shield: Enhanced Dodge 5, Enhanced Parry 5, Easily Removable [6]
Thundersword: Ranged Damage 12, Accurate 4, Improved Critical 2, Easily Removable [18]
* Alternate Effect:  Hundred-Sword (Str-Based Damage 5, Multiattack 10, Accurate 5) [1]
* Alternate Effect: Call the Lightning! Damage 10, Area (Burst), Selective [1]

Motivation:  Responsibility
Identity: Doubly secret, as Diana and as Witch Hazel

Background: Once, Silvermoon Manufacturing was the creator of high-quality children's toys, filling a small but specialized niche from one single factory in the midwest.  Selene Silvermoon was the strong-willed, brilliant mind that kept the toys well-designed and original, but a series of financial reverses and accidents, some of which were later revealed to be industrial sabotage, enabled rival toy giants to buy out Silvermoon Manufacturing and shut it down entirely.

It was shortly thereafter that Witch Hazel appeared, a cackling witch, riding a broom and accompanied by an army of goblins and ghosts, and began systematically attacking the toy companies, destroying facilities and attacking the top executives.  Luckily, no one died before the Tornado Triplets were able to capture Witch Hazel, and discovered, to their shock, that it *wasn't Selene Silvermoon* as they'd expected, but instead Selene's teenage daughter, Diana!  Diana was already a brilliant inventor with a mind even sharper and faster than her mother's, and she'd constructed sophisticated weapons for her revenge, inspired by her own love of the halloween season!

Witch Hazel continued a villainous career for several years, falling in with assorted other enemies of the Tornado Triplets, learning trade secrets, making mistakes, getting caught.  She did some freelance work with the alien Varothrax to have certain technology implanted in her to aid in future escapes, but she was also becoming less stable, and losing track of what her original goals were.  Somewhere in there, she realized that she'd become yet another villain, acting out of greed and anger... and could she be more?