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Thu 7 Jan 2021
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Read This First - Context and Content Advisory
Hey there, and welcome to my game.

  1. I'm new as a GM generally and as a GM on RPoL, so I'm learning on the job. Please be patient with me.
  2. Once the game is established I expect to bring on one or more co-GMs at some point.
  3. Speed is expected to vary between one GM-level response per day to one per week, depending on RL schedules.
  4. This is a sandbox game with parties forming and parting over time.
  5. GMs will supply plot hooks but ultimately the players will carve their own paths.
  6. This is a homebrew setting set on Toril, in an archipelago chain of islands two month's sailing west of Faerūn.
  7. At the start of the game only the Faerūnian occupied areas of the main island are available for play.
  8. There is a deeper mystery to the Greenstone Isles that may rise to be of cosmic significance - but this discovery will likely be far in the RL future, assuming it is ever stumbled upon at all.

Content Advisory
  • This game is intended for mature audiences.
  • This game is not to include adult content: Adult content can happen for story reasons, but it must take place off camera.
  • This game is not a grimdark setting, although occasional grim or dark things may take place from time to time.
  • This game will have themes of colonization and addiction built into the setting.
  • This game will use unreliable narration as a literary device for presenting lore to players from competing biased perspectives.

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