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Setting Context: THe Greenstone Isles
A Brief Introduction to the Greenstone Isles
According to the Westbrook Trading Company

The Greenstone Isles are a beautiful and densely forested archipelago found several month's sailing west of Baldur's Gate, beyond the Moonshae Isles. They were discovered a little over a century ago by the Faerūnian explorer Sir Finneas Danger, who made contact with the natives and discovered the local Sky Saffron flowering vine, which grew in a symbiotic relationship in the canopies of the giant and ancient Thusel trees native to the islands.

On return to Faerūn to his Lord's Alliance benefactors, Finneas delivered a small shipment of the various forms of Sky Saffron, and it was an immediate sensation among the nobility. The Lords Alliance commissioned the Westbrook Trading Company, under the secretaryship of Lord Mustrum Westbrook, to establish a colony and trade relations with the native Kin people of Greenstone.

Lord Westbrook met personally with the Kin chieftains of Greenstone and established a treaty. In exchange for a monthly delivery of Faerūnian trade goods - metal tools, fruits, and spices - the Kin granted access to the fertile and farmable southeastern grasslands and hills of Eloise Island, the largest island in the archipelago, including a Thusel tree grove for harvesting our own supply of the Sky Saffron spices.

Lord Westbrook returned to Faerūn to administer his own lands, but he provided for the town of Port Westbrook to the administration of Governor Jean Durand, a minor noble of a house subordinate to the Westbrooks. Sir Jean Durand succeeded in establishing a presence on the island but had difficulty producing the Sky Saffron spices for delivery back to Faerūn. Harvesting the Sky Saffron from the canopy of the giant Thusel trees was dangerous and labor-intensive work, but he found an ingenious solution of installing ship masts to the tops of the trees and stringing rigging between them, allowing workers to be suspended from above to harvest the spices. This innovative solution showed promise, increasing spice production annually, much to the delight of all.

However, it was at this point that the treacherous Kin tribes reneged on the treaty. Under a thin pretext of some kind of mistranslation, the Kin broke the treaty by sending a force of savage warriors into the grasslands in an attempt to take back control of the grove for themselves, wreaking havoc and mayhem among the colonist's homesteaders and the brave frontier men and women braving the task of harvesting the spices from the grove.

Lord Westbrook provided Governor Durand with the soldiers required to defend the fledgling colony territory from attack. Over the following decade, he did so successfully. But under Durand's stewardship production fell incrementally year after year, and the defense of the realm came at great cost in the lives of the soldiers sent to defend the colonists from Kin predation.

As Governor Durand’s failures mounted over the course of a decade, Lord Westbrook had the insightful idea to appoint a new governor from among the commoners that had been living in Greenstone, believing that someone with local ties and experience might be able to resolve the matter. Durand was decommissioned in disgrace and replaced with the common-born Emmeline Cooper.

Westbrook’s insight was swiftly rewarded as Governor Cooper brought the Kin chieftans to Faerūn as a diplomatic delegation. During this delegation the treaty was amended, with the Kin conceding that they would need to cease all hostilities in sovereign Faerūnian land on Greenstone, and that in reparations they would supply a monthly tithe of Sky Saffron back to the Westbrook Trading Company warehouses in Port Westbrook. Additionally, the Emerald Enclave was contacted to find candidates willing to set up a Druidic Circle in the Faerūnian Thusel grove on Greenstone, to bring restoration to the Thusel trees and Sky Saffron vines, and defend it from any future Kin predation.

This new, amended treaty has held for decades, until recently.

House Westbrook, as the holders of the Secretary seat of the Westbrook Trading Company, have grown in prestige, wealth and renown as the result of their sound and responsible stewardship of the Greenstone Isles Colony. The seat has been inherited down the line, and is currently held by Mustrum’s grandson, Lord Havelock Westbrook, to represent the Lord’s Alliance’s interests in the Greenstone Isles.

Five years ago, Havelock demonstrated great foresight in commissioning the mercenary company known as the Morganshire Irregulars to set up defenses in Greenstone to protect the colonists and company territory from possible future breaches of the treaty by the savage natives of that land. This foresight turned out to be highly warranted, as two years ago a Kin war party mounted an unprovoked incursion into Faerūnian land. The Morganshire Irregulars were successful at intercepting and defeating this force before they could do any harm.

With this renewal of hostilities the treaty was broken a second time by the traitorous Kin, and Secretary Westbrook has had no choice but to send the Morganshire Irregulars out to reinforce the border between Faerūnian and Kin territory to ensure that there is a buffer of security in which future Kin incursions can be found and defeated before they enter into our territory.

The Kin have begun to mount raiding parties and trying to bring them through our border and defenses in the Greenstone Isles, requiring all available resources to be sent to the front lines to defend the colony from assault. This has removed valuable personnel from the internal security of the nation. The country has started having issues with bandits and local wildlife running rife, and smugglers have begun to trade more openly.

This is why Lord Havelock Westbrook of the Westbrook Trading Company, as administered by the Lord’s Alliance, has put out a call for adventurers. Any adventurers in need of important work defending and securing this frontier nation should present themselves to the offices of the current Governor, Katrina Weber, to be assessed and provided with the necessary tasks for the colony’s defense and maintenance.

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