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House Rules and Conventions
Game Conventions

This game will use a new idea that I've been planning called "encounter - based roleplaying." This will be a fast-paced game that moves from action scene to action scene. The players will not have a lot of control over the pace, although I will let you control the direction as much as possible.

The encounters will contain a variety of elements. You are encouraged to use your non-combat skills to overcome obstacles and subvert your enemies. You are encouraged to make use of the scenery. I also encourage you to make use of actions in combat such as hiding.

I will try to build in short rests and long rests into the structure of the plot. I will also try to distribute consumables such as scrolls and potions of healing to allow you to keep stop with the rapid pace.


The player characters will gain experience based on enemies defeated and obstacles overcome. We will not be using Milestone experience.


When an enemy is defeated, they will have a chance to drop some treasure. There may also be treasure concealed among their belongings which can only be retrieved by a search. It may also be possible to swipe additional goods from their persons during combat.

There will sometimes be concealed Treasures or secret pathways in the encounters. It may be worth your time even during fights to search around if you want to obtain the maximum amount of treasure.

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House Rules and Conventions
House Rules

If you feel that your character is taking all the punishment they're able to take, you can withdraw from the current encounter. At that point, you will be considered to be taking a short rest. You will come back either at the end of the chapter, or the next time the team takes a rest, whichever comes first. However, you will not be able to participate in the intervening conflicts.