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Setting : the Kingdom of Etrioch
The Kingdom of Malachie spans over many provinces, as varied as they are numerous. They are all ruled over by Queen Winimeina from the capital of Nishimura.

The mighty forest of Zypharis covers most of the province of Greldon, and also reaches out into Hendelli and Luciona. Some villages use the great forest for sustenance, and logging efforts provide fuel and building materials for many leagues around. Still the primevil forest is largely unexplored, and danger lurks behind every tree.

Barbarian tribes visit the forest to pay tribute to their totem animals. Some Rangers scout the trackless wilderness. The druidic circle of the moon make their ceremonial home here. Bandit Clans take refuge beneath the shadowy boughs. Magic users delve into the mysterious Groves seeking rare herbs or other reagents.

The Minobe Desert is a long, narrow expanse of land that stretches between the provinces of Crassia and Jarrodlund. The climate is as dangerous as the terrible creatures that dwell within. Some barbarian tribes and merchant guilds cross regularly. A monastery of wise monks have colonized an oasis, and use the desert as a training ground. Some knightly orders patrol the desert's borders.

The provinces of Jarrod and Syous border the Shinya Sea. The waters are rife with dangers, from poison barnacles to sea dragons. Pirates sail the waves, preying on merchant ships. The bardic collage of valor has their guild hall in the capital of Syous.

The Tamaki Mountain Range is a mighty span of mountains that separates the provinces of Syous and Moriah. It is the ancestral land of the dwarves of Malachie. They make their homes in the caverns beneath the range, though they cannot claim to control them or have even explored them all. The lava flows beneath the mountains are where the Forge clerics come to learn the ways of fire and metal.

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