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Sun 20 Mar 2022
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Side Story Fun (IC)
A thread for fun happening aside from the main story line, martial arts training, whatever you need.  If coming here from another thread please mark the beginning of that move both here and there.  Thanks.
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Mon 21 Mar 2022
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Side Story Fun (IC)
Functionally, the place Shin-Ji chose was an old parking center in a commercial center that was never finished. It was close enough to the school that corporate security and Guardians kept the place from becoming a real target for long term gang or squat hangout, but the place was a common spot for Arcorunners, Beaverbrats, Skatepunks and others to practice, or resolve disputes. Streetfighters and Guardians had their own areas they practiced hand to hand at.

By an unwritten rule, everyone left each other alone. Except the megaviolents and gogangers of course, who didn't care. But it was a little early for them.

On the second floor of the parkade, someone had placed out a few off color gym mats that some mall had thrown out. They had weird psychedelic colors, but other than that were pretty normal. Other than it being a little chilly, it was a pretty decent place to practice.

Shin-Ji sprayed the mats down with some cheap antiseptic cleaner. It foamed lightly. A few bloodstains faded. He was wearing a body suit under his street clothes and kevlar jacket.

"Street fighters usually hang out here, but I'm pretty much all that's left of the local streetfighter dojo at this school, so we don't gotta worry about that. Don't see any Goths though. I've seen em do some hard core stuff, but I don't ever recall seeing them practice.

He said a little bitterly. He took a deep breath and tried to take a more friendly tone

I'm assuming Vamp is coming out at least. Not sure about anyone else.  If nothing else, I have to give her the katana.
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Fri 22 Apr 2022
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Side Story Fun (IC)
Vamp was dressed, for her, rather conservatively. Gone were the massive amounts of spikes, studs, chains, bristles, and boots that she normally wore. She wasn't quite dressed in a gi but she had made an effort to look like she was ready to train and, based on the look on her face, she was ready.

"Goths aren't big into this kind of thing though we are, surprisingly enough, rather skilled with knives and smaller blades. We're pretty close with the Megaviolents so they take care of us when things get bad out here."

She started stretching and warming up whilst Shin-Ji got ready.

"My father," she stopped talking and turned away for a moment. "He was very skilled in martial arts, having been raised in the Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū where his father and his father's father learned. All the way back to the founding of the ryū.  He was going to train my brother and I but he never had the chance. One day I would like to learn and continue the centuries old tradition of my family. One day."

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Sat 23 Apr 2022
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Side Story Fun (IC)
He nodded, and also approved of her outfit. Vamp could wear whatever she wanted, but studs, heels and chains were a BAD idea.

My dad died working as security for Sungan when I was really young, so I never really got to know him.

Mom says he died a "hero." I have no idea what the hell that means to a company like Sungan. What little I've found out about was that it was very secretive. For all I know he was grinding up babies into powder for the CEO's custom nose candy."

It was weird to talk about this with anyone.. he'd hadn't talked about this even with his mother, for years. His doubt in his father's heroism, and more importantly, the company he'd sacrificed his life for, had not been something he could subject his mother to.

The idea of Megaviolents protecting people was a little disturbing. He'd fought alongside guardians a few times against them, and it was probably the third most terrifying experience he'd had in his life. The first of course being the end of the dojo, the second being his meta transformation.

"Streetfighters don't like to play with knives till later. One of the things you do is cut yourself with a blade: get used to the idea of bleeding and what it feels like. Somehow, I have a feeling you already know how to do that."

He smiled. Ironic. The Streetfighter way was to protect life, the goth not to care about it, but there were a surprising amount of crossover in the skills.

He took one quick sweep of the room to make sure no one else was around, and then stood on the mat, with his shoes and jacket off. He still had his bodysuit from school to at least cover his carbon limbs should someone come and spy on them, and invited Vamp to the center of the mat. They had tons of room, as this was more designed for crowds of a dozen students.

"Ok. ABC's.

A for airway.
Deep breaths and relaxation. Somehow stretching is in there too.

We'll skip that for now since we're just figuring out how much you know.
Anyway, I'm betting cardio and controlling excitement won't be an issue.

B is for Balance and Breakfall.

Let's see how you would stand in a fight, and how you take a fall.
What I'd like you to do is stand in whatever position you'd take for a fight. Then you are going to come forward and trip me so you can see how I take a fall.

Then, I'll trip you and I'd like you to repeat my motion. This is a basic technique that will help avoid a concussion if you kiss the pavement at short range."

He stood with his leg bent only slightly, his center of balance a bit higher than he'd take in his normal stance, basically inviting the trip.
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Mon 25 Apr 2022
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Side Story Fun (IC)
"That's a disturbing thought but I can't argue the evil done by corporations. I like to think better of my dad. He was an honourale man but he didn't talk about his work. I know he was some kind of researcher but I have no idea what he worked on."

She stood, bowed and stepped on the mat. "His company was involved in organic software and quantum computing. I was able to find that out after the night my family was killed. I don't know what they did that made someone want them so badly but I intend to find out."

She held her hands up and let sparks play along her fingertips. "And I'm going to put this to good use when I do."

She stopped talking and listened as Shin-Ji told her what he wanted her to do. She went into a loose stance and took a fighting position she saw her father use - body knifed, dominant leg back, hands up. She took a deep breath and then she moved.

It was the same unnatural speed she displayed in the safe house, when she went after Val. She was very fast and displayed more skill than he expected when she moved in, hooked his leg, and pushed hard against his chest to send him flying to the ground.
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Tue 26 Apr 2022
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Side Story Fun (IC)
Shin-Ji slammed his arm and leg, hard against the mat as he hit the floor. Normally, it would make quite a slap. With his hexite limb, it sounded like a gun-shot. The weird part was he could feel his limb ripple as the reverberations went through it. It made him glad to be wearing the body suit.

He smiled, genuinely happy. Partially because it meant that she knew the basics, partially because he was glad to be back doing something familiar with his friends.

"Better than I expected. Your reflexes are fantastic.

He rose to his feet and studied his stance.

Your stance is pretty good. You need to lower your center of gravity though.

Ok, I'm going to do the same thing back to you.

I want you to throw yourself out flat and maximize the spread of your impact while tucking the head and neck forward like I did.

You also try to slam your arm and leg against the ground at the same time as the rest of your body impacts the mat. It's going to sting if you do it right, but you'll cut your momentum down"

Shin-Ji wasted no time, he moved forward and delivered a trip along with a shoulder grab. He gave her a little more air time to give her time to adapt to the throw.
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Tue 26 Apr 2022
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Side Story Fun (IC)
"I'm much faster than I was before. Part of the training vids we had mentioned a boost in speed in reflexes post-change. Pretty brilliant, actually."

She went back into her ready stance and shifted so her weight so her centre of gravity was lower and looked at Shin-Ji to get his opinion.

When he moved in and tripped her she did as he said, making sure to slap her arms down on the mat as she landed. As soon as she hit she rolled and came back up, dropping back into the ready stance.

"How was that?"
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Tue 26 Apr 2022
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Side Story Fun (IC)
Shin-Ji seemed to be beaming doing this. It was something he loved doing, and he'd been honored when he'd been picked to teach the newer students people back in his old dojo. It was nice to be enthusiastic about something not really life or death, with a friend.

"Good! Your body has good instincts, or you are remembering something you learned as a child. Or maybe you watched enough chambara movies. Either way, solid.

Next is C."

Shin-Ji grabbed two pads for his arms, definitely for her sake, and put them up at what he considered optimal punching level for Vamp's height.

"Clench fist and Clinch the shoulders. Clench your fist, Let me see your fist first: I don't want you breaking your hand. When you swing, the key is to make your body snap for maximum speed. Swing with the hips and body.

Personally, I like using elbows and knees, but everyone should know how to throw a decent punch. Breaking your fist is bad, though that apparently not a concern for me anymore."

We'll do a few power punches and then throw a few combo shots. Please aim for the pads, my face isn't made of hexite."

<orange> Basically, Shin-Ji is trying to figure out your Streetfighting skills, roughly <orange>

You've gotten into a few scuffles before, clearly. Or you actually did martial arts. Goths get into a lot of fights?"

Everything he knew about the Goths had been pretty second-hand. He'd considered them basically more dancers than a yogang when he'd first heard of them.. right until he'd heard about that 14-year-old kid who'd screwed up a dumpster dive and splattered his brains on the pavement. He'd realized then just how seriously they took their lack of fear of death.

What he hadn't really gotten was that this philosophy could also be attached to a genuinely decent person. Vamp wasn't someone he'd consider a weird nihilist who didn't care about life.. well, maybe not her own compared to others. He could understand that, absolutely.
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Mon 2 May 2022
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Side Story Fun (IC)
"One thing my father did show me is how to punch. He always said to imagine I was punching through my target. Being a Bolter could definitely add to my ability to defend myself."

Vamp made a series of punches, rotating at the hip and shoulders. Her form was good but she wasn't very strong. "The ability to electrocute people is a nice bonus given I'm not horribly strong. I would like to get stronger, though. Stronger, faster, better cardiovascular conditioning."

She punched a few times with each fist. "Elbows and knees? Muy Thai? Did you do that bit where you kick trees or walls to toughen your joints? Looks painful."

She was fast. Very fast.

"I've been in a few fights. Things were very different in the orphanage and streets. I got into the system but didn't stay. I have a foster home out there somewhere but I doubt they even remember me or care where I am. Happy to see the backside of me as long as they get paid."
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Fri 6 May 2022
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Side Story Fun (IC)
(OOC- Sorry for the delays. tough week at work, a side gig, and I caught the flu. I still have it or I'd be answering the phone right now).

He'd heard stories of the orphanages and faster homes of the city - none of them good, some of them uniquely horrifying. He wasn't sure what he could possibly say that would help, and she might get offended by sympathy when the whole point was to make her stronger.

He settled for a momentary sympathetic look, and another silent thanks to whatever powers that be that he'd at least had his father's death benefits and his mother to raise him. Then he returned to the training.

"Muay Thai does that very well, but lots of styles use elbows and knees. Our sensei favored them because you can swing them when someone gets in your face or you are in a clinch.

We toughened up our elbows a bit, but NOTHING like Muy Thai. One student asked about it, a few times. We were encouraged to watch videos on different martial arts, and it's impressive. Someone asked sifu about it, and he responded. 

He stopped for a moment to copy his late master's mannerisms and light Russian accent and torqued his arm a bit.

"I respect Muay Thai and the warriors who practice it, but I can deform STEEL if I punch with this limb. I don't care how many times you whack a tree, if you try and block a limb like this... or even has a knife, you are critical pizdek.

He returned to his normal speech patterns. He had this crazy idea of trying to punch the concrete with his cybernetic limb, but he managed to suppress the instinct to try and show off.

Our dojo trains core, balance, flexibility, and strength training, with a heavy focus on grip and core strength. I'll give you some basic excercises to try yourself daily. If you can manage these, we'll start the hard stuff next time.

It's gonna be critical. Wear something you don't mind seeing get ruined, and bring 2 liters of water. No, I'm not kidding, because you are going to yarf all over the place when you start doing proper conditioning for the first time.

Shin-Ji certainly had. Not that he was going to say anything to Vamp about that. He'd thought he'd been in good shape when he joined his claat. He'd been wrong.

Speaking of which, the clinch is another C item. If I were to grab you by the collar with intent to harm you, how would you respond in a fight situation?

Normally, he wouldn't talk her through this exercise, but Vamp clearly had good combat instincts and practical fighting experience, and there was little point in this kind of screwing around when he had cyber arms and a good 40-50 pounds on her.

He wanted to hear what she'd do though. The point was to get the other person to think about confrontation and their options.
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Fri 21 Oct 2022
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Side Story Fun (IC)
"How would I respond if you grabbed me by the collar?" She repeated. "I'd shock you so hard you were shitting tears but I don't think that's what you mean, is it? What would I do if I couldn't use my Bolter abilities?"

She thought for a moment before nodding. "Anything I could to get free. Stomp on your foot, grab your balls, gouge out an eye, cut off an ear. Whatever I needed to do to get free of someone bigger and stronger than me."
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Sun 23 Oct 2022
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Side Story Fun (IC)
Shin-Ji gave a thumbs up.

"Solid answers. You could also chop the inside of the elbow, or charge forward and headbutt the bastard in the nose.

I'm actually wondering if you shocked someone holding you if you'd get shocked. Not that I really want to test that.

We're on the D's now. Lesson two stuff.

The first is delta. In a serious fight, if you can escape if you can. Pride is bullshit. You don't fight on the street with some mega to prove your good. Maybe you fight to protect someone else, but avoiding conflict is the best way to survive it. "

Shin-Ji realized who he was talking to.

"Of course, keep in mind that our Sifu stressed this because pretty much everyone who walks into a dojo and wants to call themselves a streetfighter has the delusion that their going to be a head-booting badass."

"The second, is damage. When you aren't sparring, in a serious fight, the fight doesn't end till someone's incapable of fighting. And maybe not even then if you are tangling with the wrong kind of psycho. That applies both to you and the other guy.

So, you learn to follow up that eye gouge with at least three follow up moves to put the other guy on the ground, and then you either run or curb stomp him and go onto his buddy. Preferably run.

You also learn to fight injured or just messed up. Do a full cardio session till you puke.. and then spar. Get the wind knocked out of you and start sparring. Get tripped, punched or kicked from behind and keep fighting. Off the books for his top students, Sifu'd also use a microtazer mace.. and spar after getting hit by that. Last lessons, you blade yourself with a razor and spar bloody. Want a good first aid kit for that. And a ton of preem disinfectant."

One again, he realized who he was talking to.

"Feel like a gonk, telling a goth they gotta ignore pain. Kinda the point, ain't it?

Anyway, maybe we should do some cardio runs for the delta part. Plenty of room in the parking lot. I'll set up a few obstacles too: around the mats so we don't need to use first aid."

(I think we've milked this one dry. Shall we do something else for a side scene? Anyone interested in getting into some hijinx?)