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Goods & Services

Clothing for gentlefolk comes in three degrees of quality: Undress, Half-Dress, and Full-Dress.

Undress includes casual women's clothing for daily wear. Comfortable, warm, less formal, and less expensive for both genders.

Half-dress is more sophisticated clothing, suitable for a polite outing. It is higher quality with a price to match.

Full dress is the height of fashion for the most formal affairs. These outfits are as expensive as they are flattering.

Axe, Hand-Str+d6-2s2-Good for cutting wood too
Baton-Str+d4-2s1-Wood, Toughness 6
Bayonet-Str+d4-7s1-Str+d6 on rifle, Parry +1, Reach 1, 2 hands
Cudgel2/4/8Str+d4-4s4-Can be thrown at –1 Throwing
Dagger/Knife3/6/12Str+d4-5s1-Can be thrown
Great Axe-Str+d10-£515-Parry –1, 2 hands, AP 1
Great Sword-Str+d10-£412-Parry –1, 2 hands
Halberd-Str+d8-£2, 10s15-Reach 1, 2 hands
Rapier-Str+d4-£1, 10s3-Parry +1
Saber-Str+d6-£24-Useful from horseback
Sap-Str+d4-5s4-Str.+d4+6 damage on drop
Short Sword-Str+d6-£12-Includes machetes
Staff-Str+d4-1s8-Parry +1; Reach 1; 2 hands
Sword Cane-Str+d4-£2, 10s5-As walking stick or rapier
Spear3/6/12Str+d6-£15-Parry +1; Reach 1, 2 hands
Torch-Str+d4-1s1-–1 attack, target catches fire on d6  roll of 6
Walking Stick-Str+d4-10s2-Parry +1
Whip-Str+d4-2s2-Reach 1, may grapple

Blunderbuss5/10/201–3d61£2121+2 Shooting, 2 Actions to reload
Bow12/24/482d61£1, 10s31Must shoot standing
Crossbow15/30/602d61£361AP 2, 1 action to reload
Derringer2/4/82d6–11£312Easily concealed
Elephant Gun30/60/1202d101£5121AP 2, Snap fire penalty
Flintlock Pistol5/10/202d6+1110s312 actions to reload
Hand Bow8/16/322d61£231AP 1,  1 action to reload
Musket10/20/402d8+11£1101AP 1,  2 actions to reload
Pistol12/24/482d61£136AP 1,  Revolver. 2 actions to reload each chamber
Rifle24/48/962d81£2108AP 2
Shotgun12/24/481–3d61£4121+2 Shooting (2d10 slug), 2 actions to reload
Sawed-Off5/10/201–3d61£481+2 Shooting (2d10 slug), 2 actions to reload
Double Barrel10/20/401–3d61£4.592+2 Shooting (2d10 slug), 2 actions to reload
Shield gun4/8/161–3d61£2, 10s121+2 Shooting, 2 actions to reload.

Dynamite3/6/122d611s0.51MBT, +1damage/extra stick
Lamp Oil3/6/12Special11s11Small Burst
Knife3/6/12Str+d411s11+1 Throwing, –1 Fighting

Small3/6/12Str+d41—11–1 attack, Toughness 4
Medium2/4/8Str+d61—31–1 attack, Toughness 6
Large1/2/4Str+d81—61–1 attack, Toughness 8

Heavy Cannon150/300/6004d121£60006001AP 14*, LBT, 1 action reload
Medium Cannon120/240/4804d81£10001001AP 9*, MBT
Light Cannon72/144/2883d81£400401AP 7*, SBT
Sweeper12/24/481–3d61£200101SBT(3d6)/MBT(2d6)/LBT(1d6) damage
Catapult36/72/1443d81£5002001AP 2, MBT, 1 action reload
AP #* = Heavy Weapon; LBT = Large Burst Template, MBT = Medium Burst Template, SBT = Small Burst Template.

Personal ArmorArmorCostWeightNotes
Boilerplate+3£415Protects front torso only; see notes
Chain Mail Vest+2£315Protects torso
Leather Vest+18s8Protects torso
Army Helmets+416s650% chance of protection vs head shots
Pith Helmet+28s250% chance of protection vs head shots

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Goods & Services
Bedroll44sSleeping Gear
Book (blank)22s50 pages, writing journal
Brush or comb0.51s-
Camp Gear80£2Tent, stove, stool, and all outdoor needs
Carbide, Tin11s16 oz., mixes with water for fuel
Candles (dozen)55s1” radius light
Clothing, Cheap55sIncludes cheap gloves and cap
Clothing, Common510sIncludes common gloves & hat
Clothing, Fine5£2+Includes fine gloves and hat
Clothing, Rough3£1Heavy duty suit, hat etc. for wilderness
Clothing, Weather310sRubberized hat, cloak and boots
Climbing Gear610sPer person, +2 to climbing rolls, no rope
Cocaine0.5£1Trait Roll bonus; addictive
Compass110sBonus to finding location Survival
Dissecting Kit18s+1 to analyzing dead
Fan0.51s+1 Bonus to avoid heat stroke
Flask11sCeramic, holds 1 pint
Flint & Steel11sWhen you don’t have a match
Folding Knife0.51sImprovised weapon, easily concealed
Forge, Portable500£6Critical for Repairing damaged metal
Gramophone10£7Record Player and Recorder
Grappling Hook25s3/6/12 range, 200 lb. weight
Holy Symbol1+1s+Simple wood to expensive silver
Lamp, Carbide1–/8p4 hours, 8” ahead, 2 oz. carbide
Lamp, Miners0.3–/8p2 hours, 4” ahead light, 1 oz. carbide
Lamp Oil1–/8p12 pints, improvised weapon
Lantern15s1 pint/12 hours, 4” radius light
Leather Satchel22sOld style briefcase, holds 4 lbs.
Lock Picks, set-18sTools to pick locks at no penalty
Machete2.0–/2pStr+d6 damage
Matches (gross)0.51s144 strike matches
Magnifying Glass-12s+1 for investigating crime scenes
Manacles210sToughness 12, Leg manacles force a Pace of 2
Mirror0.52sPocket/purse size
Morphine0.52sReduce wound penalties, addictive
Navigation Gear8£12Useful for navigation readings
Nitroglycerin5£120 2-oz. bottles, 3d6 base explosive
Opium0.51sCause fatigue, addictive
Photographic Lab30£7Includes light tent & develop chemicals
Pickaxe516sImprovised 2 handed med. wpn. AP 2
Pocketbook/Purse0.51sPurses can hold up to 5 lbs. weight
Pocket Watch0.5£1+Common Timepiece
Riding Tack25£1 to £5Saddle, harness, and other riding gear
Rope, hemp (50’)2.51sCan hold 300 lbs.
Rope, silk (40’)18sCan hold 400 lbs.
Scroll Case11sHolds 1 standard scroll
Shovel512sImprovised 2 handed medium club
Smoking Pipe0.51sCommon, nicer pipes can run more

Spy or Field Glass2£4Doubles or more the range seen clearly
Sunglasses0.24sProtect eyes from sun blindness
Tent, 10 man35£6Protects 10 adults from weather
Telegraph Gear1£1Allows the taping of telegraph lines
Toolkit10£5+1 to a specific skill, exhausts on skill roll of 1
Torch11s4” light, 4-hour duration, d4 Impro. Weapon
Travel Bag24sHolds up to 50 lbs.
Trunk68sHolds up to 140 lbs.
Trunk, Watertight8£1Holds up to 200 lbs. and floats
Umbrella/Parasol28sImprovised weapon (Str+d4), Parry +1
Voltaic Cell110sPrimitive battery
Waterskin1+1sHolds 2 qts. of water and weighs 5 lbs. full
Winter Blanket53sCold weather gear
Writing Equipment15s-

Beer, per quart21sAverage quality
Meal, Common11sA fine meal costs 2s+
Canned Rations41sPer day, lasts months
Cheap Rations10£17 days of biscuits and cheap food for 1
Champagne, bottle25s4–6 glasses of good champagne
Wine, bottle23s4–6 glasses of decent wine

Cottage£200 Owner upkeep averages £2 per year
House£650 Owner upkeep averages £10 per year
Mansion£1,000+ Owner upkeep averages £100 per year
Lodging carevaries 10 times normal upkeep per year
Room furnishings, fine£15+ Per room, quality furniture
Room furnishings, cheap£2 Per room, cheap furniture
Rent, Common house5s Per week, renter upkeep 4 hours/week
Rent, Cheap tenement2s Per week, renter upkeep 2 hours/week
Rent, Apartment3s Per week, renter upkeep 3 hours/week
Rent, Fine Apartment5s Per week, includes maid 1/week
Average Hotel2s Per night, per person, includes breakfast
Fine Hotel£1+ Per night, per person, includes breakfast

Daily Pay (average)
Laborer8sWorking 10 hours/day, 6 days/week
Skilled Tradesman16sWorking 10 hours/day, 6 days/week
Clerical Worker£1, 6sWorking 10 hours/day, 6 days/week
Professional (doctor)£1, 10sWorking per visit, on call 7 days/week

Dog, Guard£3Use Wolf stats in Savage Worlds (SW)
Dog, Hunting£2See Notes
Horse, Riding£9Carries 265 lbs. for 8 hours, in SW
Mule£7Carries 185 lbs. for 12 hours, in SW

Miscellaneous Fuel, bulkWeightCostNotes
Liquid Fuels2000£6Kerosene, coal oil, gasoline, etc.

Bicycle25£5Seats 1 person + 50 lbs. gear
Carriage900£12Needs 2 animals, seats 4 +200 lbs.
Wagon1000£25Needs 2–4 animals, seats 2 +3,000 lbs.
Hansom Cab600£8Needs 1 animal, seats 2 +100 lbs.
Large Boat-£8Cargo capacity 6,000 to 10,000 lbs.
Small Boat-£5Cargo capacity 3,000 to 6,000 lbs.
Steam Launch-£10Common river transport