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Sat 23 Jan 2021
at 17:22
Request to Join and Character Creation
Request to Join

Thank you for your interest.

This game will be a semi-realistic depiction of England in the 19th century. There are many things about that period and region that are unpleasant to depict. We will be lampshading those social problems, but not actually depicting them.

For example: There will be no mechanical disadvantage to playing a woman in this game, despite the prejudice against them during this time period. Some characters will say or imply hurtful things, but these are not intended to be sympathetic characters.

This game will be a work of romantic fiction, full of tension and action. It might not make a lot of sense for Highborn ladies and gentlemen to engage in high-stakes throwdowns in real life, but this game is going to be a lot more exciting than real life.

Thank you for joining us.

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Sun 31 Jan 2021
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Request to Join and Character Creation
Rather than be specific about ages, I will be indicating peoples' approximate age with these categories. You may do the same if you wish.

Youth (Infant - 12)
Adolescent (12 - 19)
Young Adult (19 - 29)
Adult (30 - 40)
Middle Age (41 - 55)
Old (56 - 65)
Very Old (65 +)