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Thu 18 Feb 2021
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Families and Houses of the Region
Noble Families

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Sir John Marke
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Families and Houses of the Region
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Quite a complex family to start with.
Lady Victoria Darenvern
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Tue 31 Aug 2021
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Families and Houses of the Region
Introducing the Darenvern's:

Father: Harald Darenvern, 10th Earl of "Darenvernshire"
Mother: Margret Darenvern, Countess of "Darenvernshire" nee Burgess
Brother: Harold Darenvern, Viscount of Harrowby (known by the family as Harry).  Graduate of Cambridge and courting the Lovely Lady Janet Harrington (a peer match)
Brother: Rev. John Darenvern, graduate of Cambridge
Brother: Honorable Darby Darenvern (recent graduate of Cambridge and single)
Sister: Lady Catharine Winslow, nee Darenvern, Marchioness (married to Marquess Richard Furrows Winslow)
Brother:  Honorable Benjamin Darenvern (goes to Oxford currently - quite the scandel as the all the pervious males went to Cambridge - Benji as he is known by the family is a bit rebellious)

Victoria is the youngest and presntly lives at home with her parents.

Earl Harald is now into breeding his horses, living more the country lifestyle that he and his wife have come to cherish.

I'd like to think they were a prominent family (and still are).  The young Harald now running the family business interests in London and having his younger brother Darby joining  in.  I am not sure what kind of business yet....still working out some details and such.

Her other brother Rev John maybe travels, spreading the word of God, they worry about him and miss him.

She is closest to Benji of all her siblings but truly loves and respects them all.

(More to come...........)