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Tue 19 Jan 2021
at 00:00
Each PC will have their own private thread. The purpose of this is to make skill checks that others don't know about, and to divulge info that only your character knows about. This can create good roleplay opportunities between you and your group instead of me just announcing everything to everyone.

I want to track your character sheets on Herolab eventually, so you may keep track of your character any way you see fit. For now a pdf or text file, etc is okay to submit.

Character creation will be straight forward and according to the core 2e rulebook.
I'm available to help with that since 2e is still fairly new.

You start with 150 sp to equip your character.
Start at Level 1.
Strive to form a well balanced group.
The players guide off of paizo for this adventure path contains good info and good guidance for character creation.

You may choose one of the backgrounds from the players guide, or choose one from the core rulebook as long as it is cited in the players guide as an appropriate one to choose.

Note that during encounters, I want each player to post in initiative order.  There is only 5 players so it should not hold up the game very much to wait a day or two for someone to post.

After 3 days, you lose your turn to post.
If you post out of turn, then your post may be erased to eliminate confusion.

My current schedule is to post two days per week.  I may post multiple times on those two days.  The rest of the week I will monitor things, but wont directly move the game forward outside of those two days per week.

Post any questions you may have.

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 And now for something
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Thu 21 Jan 2021
at 06:17
Before everyone gets too deep with character creation, an important consideration can make the difference in the rate that XP is awarded.

Some encounters here rely on your ability to talk to people and not let things escalate to combat.  Do this and you will get more XP.  Don't do this, and you will level more slowly because you wont get any story awards.

As police officers, you must deal with people effectively.

Its important to realize that the campaign backgrounds give you boons when interacting with people from various walks of life, and people living in specific districts in the city.

These boons are not huge, but they do lay a foundation for future success.

Its very natural for players to optimize their characters for whatever their specialty is, but you may benefit from a group that is not only combat savvy, but also able to find clues, solve crimes, question suspects, tell people what they want to hear, etc.

I'm not going to force anyone's hand on how to create their characters.
However these considerations may not be obvious since you don't know what is in store for you :)
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 And now for something
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Fri 22 Jan 2021
at 02:36
In reply to Smiles (msg # 2):

Everyone read the "Special Rules for this Campaign" side bar in the AP Player's Guide on page 5.

This is important information for you to know before starting.